This is a story that I hope inspires the audience for decades to come

I counted 24 spotlights that lit up the stage of Season 3, episode 10 from every angle as Wu-Tang: An American Saga came to a powerful end. YouTubers, influencers, and fans took to social media to express the awe they felt as Ghostface Killer, played by Siddiq Saunderson, took the stage alongside his bandmates to perform the groups biggest hits. Music and film lovers spoke of their love for the music, the tv series and how binge watching straight through from season one all the way through season three was a cultural necessity.  

Fan love poured in from all over the globe with comments, likes, shares, and emoji’s on YouTube videos as well as Saunderson’s very own IG page. One fan wrote, “…I started watching Wu-Tang Saga last week on Hulu. I was hooked from the first episode and binge watched all the way through last night’s episode. Amazing series! Another fan commented, “Bro I dont think anyone on this planet could have played that role better.” 

This past week Siddiq Saunderson took the stage for the final episode of Wu-Tang: An American Saga. Starring as Ghostface Killah, Saunderson played the real life role of ‘Dennis Coles’ in the drama series that tracks the Wu-Tang Clan’s formation as a dozen Black men who are torn between music and crime unite and become the unlikeliest of American success stories. He delivers one of his strongest musical performances on screen – entertaining the masses alongside his bandmates and over 400 extras. It was the closest he ever felt to being in the Wu-Tang Clan. “It felt like an out of body experience,” he recalls. 

I feel like this show has conflict, fighting, street drugs, gangs, music … the way in which Rizas mind works in getting his beats. With Ghost you get love within the story. We have the ability to really touch on the imagination. It’s a new, fresh way to experience music, Hip Hop and the culture, Saunderson tells Sheen. 

This year Black culture celebrates 50 years of Hip Hop and the Wu-Tang Clan stands out for more than one reason. From the widespread critical acclaim of the1993 release of their debut album Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), which is considered to be one of the greatest Hip Hop albums of alltime to the only copy of their seventh studio album being sold for $ 2 million dollars – their impact is undeniable. Critics and fans alike applaud Saunderson for his portrayal of Ghostface Killer, in their eyes no one else could have played the role better. 

Saunderson brought his character Ghostface Killah to life giving expression to his fly, reliable, grounded, mature and progressive storyline. For Ghost, finding out about his family life, family dynamic, and some of the struggles we went through was something that I found most interesting while playing the part. His character has multiple layers but he’s really just a loyal family man,” says Saunderson. 

My hope is that the audience, throughout the show, can see and understand the importance of brotherhood and community. I want to see Black men put their differences from the past behind them. From the beginning until the end of the series it’s been dope, imaginative, successful, dynamic, and family oriented. This is a story that I hope inspires the audience for decades to come,” he added. 

But even as one part of his legacy comes to an end, it’s only just the beginning of greatness that lies ahead. Saunderson signed with M88 and is continuing to expand his involvement in TV, film, fashion, and theatre – constantly broadening his work in the creative space with new roles, projects, and experiences. 

Saunderson assures fans that more and more is to come. As a big advocate of protecting Black women, Saunderson was drawn to his upcoming role in BET + film KEMBA because it’s based on a real life story of criminal justice reform advocate Kemba Smith. The film deals with a lot of social issues as his character Khalif who Kemba eventually learns is a drug kingpin who leads her down a path of abuse and manipulation – placing her in the middle of the governments “war on drugs,” and ultimately landing her in federal prison. 

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Photo Credits: Anthony Price Leslie