Our feelings need no definition.  Self-explanations are more defined by actions towards how we truly feel. Some levitate on the leveling to what is best for others. While many marinate on what tools were given in the beginning salvaging a person who was already finished. You erase the fading situations that captured your mind and titled it as “trust issues.” Nevertheless the issues must become acknowledged in order to be commenced. Refusing to bring past entities to the surface of a new profound love will shatter not just the person carrying the gun. But, silently pierce the aching heart that once loved you whose name that was never on the bullet to begin with. They vow no meaning to why what was done to them. No acceptable answers could ever be written for the unnecessary. Rather than to leave you alone like the ones before them, we carry onto a new plan of energy beyond parallel. An understanding to each level of recognition. We soon land beyond the moon, the stars, but a home of the comfort through commitment. A home built for just the two, as the word circles everything rinses into a vibrant muse.