Love became involved… Revamping each outlook that was never shown behind the lenses of being alone. We question how we can see ourselves without that person who puts our world into harmony, how we can live without them. It is the way we’ve become that mattered the most for our indifferences. The loneliest of numbers divide each consequence of solved issues. Rather to deal with the two sides you’ve given me than to never have you at all. Two individuals beyond the limits to end their existence. It is the time you take, the memories we’ve escape, and the love that has been created to let us know that our souls will remained aligned just to be nearby when laid to rest putting our fears behind the limits of one’s trust  for another day together. It is the reassure that’s captivated her mind, the conversation loosely filled it intertwine. To where love can meet in the middle. So, their paths can soon fade creating love and to leave what’s left behind.