What a way to close out Black History Month. Lifetime has done it again! Single Black Female 2: Simone’s Revenge starring Amber Riley, Raven Goodwin and K. Michelle. Are you ready for suspense, humor, and black girl magic? Join me as I interview a few cast members to see how they would survive a killer stalker.

When thinking of a family reunion, one tends to feel a celebratory emotion. A gathering of all generations to celebrate what we have in common, family. For Monica, played by Raven Goodwin, this is not the case. We discovered in the original “Single Black Female” that Monica and Simone, played by Amber Riley, are half sisters. Simone canives her way closer and closer to Monica eliminating every threat in her path. Ultimately leading to her own demise. Or so we thought. In the sequel Simone returns with a vengeance! Strategizing her every move as “Grace”, Simone wittingly allies with traumatized individuals who can relate to being misunderstood. Simone is not only out for blood but for vindication. A name for a name.
Throughout this squeal we see Simone take, one by one, everything Monica has worked hard for. To her, Simone, all she wanted was a sister. A family. A place to feel welcomed. Now that Monica has painted her to be a murderous, psycho killing monster. It is only right that Simone shares the title with her beloved sister.
Make sure you catch the premiere of “Single Black Female 2: Simone’s Revenge” one Lifetime Saturday March 2, 2024 at 8/7c.
Photo Credits: Lifetime
Written By: Rainy Cates