April Showers, the Founder, and CEO of Afro Unicorn shattered the glass ceiling and became the first Black female-owned business to have a licensed brand in a major retail store– the celebration/party brand is now in over 1,500 Walmart stores across the country and is already making an impact by empowering underrepresented Black women and young girls to embrace their beauty. Afro Unicorn™ launched in 2019 as a direct-to-consumer e-commerce business.
Can you tell us more about who is April Showers?

I am a single mother of two amazing honor student boys, ages 16 & 11. I am a serial entrepreneur, owning and operating an insurance agency and I am a licensed Real Estate Broker, who believes that if you help enough people get to where they want to be, you will get to where you NEED to be.

Can you tell us about the Afro Unicorn and the inspiration behind Afro Unicorn?

Two years prior to launching Afro Unicorn, a close male friend always referred to me as a unicorn. At the time I did not understand why I was being referred to as such; I truly thought I was just doing what every woman would do in my position. It wasn’t until I suffered a rather significant upset and bounced all the way back that I realized I was indeed a unicorn the entire time. Looking at the current unicorn emoji I really couldn’t relate– I wanted a unicorn that represented me and all the fierce women that I knew. I reached out to a graphic artist and shared the vision I had for a unicorn of color.  After about five sketch revisions Afro Unicorn™, with all of her vanilla, caramel, and mocha complexions, was born.

What are some products that Afro Unicorn has?

Afro Unicorn just launched 25 products in Walmart. We have an array of party supplies from plates, napkins, streamers, and pinatas; to accessories such as lip glosses, hair bows, dress-up sets, sashes, plush toys, and of course, apparel. Not to mention over 500 items on It’s a lot!!!

Can you tell us how it feels being the first Black-owned and Woman-owned company with licensed products in a major retailer and how that came about?

Being one of the first Black-Owned and Woman-owned companies in this space is truly an amazing feeling. My brand sits alongside Disney, Nickelodeon, and other mainstream character brands. I truly feel like I now have my seat at the table but have access to the best-in-class partners.

We actually got into retail by a merchant finding us through a viral Instagram of Cassidy Brianna, who at the time was only 4 years old rocking our shirt and filming a video when someone walked by her and said “I love your hair” and she responded with “Thank you it’s an Afro”. That video was shared by everyone including Viola Davis, Tina Knowles, and Oprah Daily. The Walmart merchant then reached out to me saying it was the flood of comments mentioning Afro Unicorn that caught her attention, and she knew there was something there.

What in-store retail representation means to the Black community as a whole?

In-store retail representation at this level means equal opportunities. Being afforded this opportunity with this type of representation will hopefully empower our community even more. All of my packaging in-store states “Afro Unicorn…Because Representation Matters. #womanowned #blackowned

How do you think Afro Unicorn opened doors for other Black and woman-owned brands to do the same thing?

We are definitely opening the doors for other black and women-owned brands. That is why it is important to support brands like mine to show retailers that we can sell through. Also, every day I am showing my retail partners the level of excellence that comes with working with Afro Unicorn. My hope is that I am setting a bar for other Black and woman-owned brands.

What do you feel will be the impact and empowerment of underrepresented women of color moving forward?

This brand is already impacting and empowering underrepresented women. From the beginning, our model and movement have been to help spotlight other WOC entrepreneurs and brands. It’s the DNA of Afro Unicorn. We created a platform to highlight and promote women and children of color who hustle. I get a ton of emails & DM’s where women express how much Afro Unicorn has either directly helped them with their business or their confidence.

Where would you like to see Afro Unicorn in 3 to 5 years?

In 3-5 years, Afro Unicorn will be an animated series and have a featured film. We are also working on our own family activity center and one day will have our own theme park.

How do you balance single motherhood and your thriving business?

I am able to balance being a single mom and my business by having them involved in the business. My boys are 16 and 11, and they have helped me with Afro Unicorn from the beginning. I actually call my oldest our COO (Chief Operating Officer). He could really run Afro Unicorn in my absence.

What would like our viewers to gain from this interview?

I would like your viewers to feel empowered to show up as their authentic selves every day. We have gotten to this point because we have stayed true to who and what we are–Magical Black Women!!!

As Jay Z said “I show up to every room as myself”

How can people connect to learn more?

You follow the movement on Instagram @afrounicorn_offical and shop with us at



Photo Credits: LightBox LA