Ask yourself this question….When it comes to your story, how do you want yours to be remembered?

With everything going on in the world today, I started thinking about my story and how important it was for me to tell it and started journaling.

I then did some further research and got some additional information from one of the most reputable  book publishing companies; November Media and the owner Tiheasha Beasley …. Anyone who is thinking about writing a book, I hope that this interview is helpful.

What is the biggest misconception about having a book publisher vs. self-publishing?

Typically, when aspiring authors have a desire to publish their book independently, they feel that they are making the best “budget-friendly” decision for their vision and book project. Unfortunately, what they fail to understand is that both options require a financial investment if they want to achieve an industry-standard book. 

With that being said, authors who partner with independent hybrid publishing houses have a higher advantage because they have the opportunity to work with a publishing professional who can handle the details of the book, while they focus on positioning themselves for the release of their book.

What inspired you to create your own book publishing company?

I started as an independent author in 2013, and after several failed attempts to move my book from online retailers to a brick and mortar store, I began a journey of educating myself about the book industry. My passion for educating my peers about how to write, publish, and sell industry-standard books fueled my desire to launch November Media Publishing.

Along your journey have you had any mentors? If so, what was some advice you received that really stuck with you?

Unfortunately, I haven’t had the opportunity to connect with any mentors during my four years of business. I definitely understand the importance of connecting with someone more knowledgeable than myself, nevertheless, the opportunity has not yet presented itself. 

What are the benefits of working with a smaller book publisher opposed to a bigger book publisher? 

I can’t fully answer this question objectively because I don’t want to assume that there aren’t any special benefits either way. A good publishing house should care about the authors and stories they publish.  

However, I can say that as a boutique publishing company, my authors appreciate our excellent customer service and dedication to each project, even after the book has been released. 

What are the top 6 tips that you give all of your authors?

  • Create a business plan for your book.
  • Focus on positioning your book brand 6 months to a year before your release. 
  • Connect with branding, marketing, and PR specialists. 
  • Be creative. 
  • Understand what type of author you wish to be.
  • Research other books in your industry and niche.

During this time of uncertainty with all that is going on in our world, what advice would you give authors or people who want to write a book?

It’s no secret that COVID-19 has impacted the world in a life-changing way. Many have been forced to work from home, and another percentage has become unemployed because of the pandemic. I would suggest that writing a book and even starting the process of publishing your book can be a great way to relax and focus on producing a product that is inspiring, encouraging, and empowering. 

As a wife, mother, and boss, how do you balance it all? 

The short answer is lots of prayer and devotional time with God. The longer answer is setting boundaries with my authors and contractors, having a good support system, and being sensitive to what needs my attention the most in a specific season. The truth is, there is no such thing as balance, but you can protect your peace and happiness by not placing unrealistic expectations on yourself. When you are at peace, so are the things connected to you. 

If you could write anyone’s story, whose story would it be and why? 

Well, I am always grateful for the authors I have the opportunity to work with. Currently, my company is working with Teresa Cardwell, mom and manager to Bow Wow, and that has been an amazing project. 

However, if I absolutely had to choose someone, it would be the amazingly beautiful and talented mogul and personal role model of mine… Oprah Winfrey. 

What is a quote that you live by?

Don’t tell people your plans. Show them your results! 

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