Kimberly and Keyondra Lockett, the founders of Jolie Noire, (which stands for Pretty Black in French) has found their niche in fashion wear. Their elevated women’s athleisure wear brand is a HUGE hit with consumers.

Sisters Kimberly, (a celebrity stylist) and Keyondra, (an award-winning gospel artist) Lockett searched high and low to find cute and comfortable gear that displayed black women as the art they are. They saw a need for clothing with faces that look like theirs, so they created graphics tees that really represent them. 

When asked what advice they could share to budding entrepreneurs on building a business empire, Kimberly says, “When you choose to start a business, there should be a demand for it. There is no point in starting something that won’t have any takers.”

Keyondra chimed in and added, “When we started our business, we came out with a strong brand. When Jolie Noire was contacted by Target headquarters to be featured in their stores for Black History Month, they knew our brand was strong. Find something where there is a need for it.”

When the sisters were asked if they had an inkling they would be business partners, Kimberly shared, “We always knew that we wanted to have our own business within the fashion industry. Keyondra and I work well together and we respect each others opinions and ideas. We listen, share and execute ideas well with one another. So, yes, we knew would be business partners.”

To learn more, visit Jolie Noire online or @joliexnoireapparel on Instagram or Facebook.