One of my top priorities in life is being fully present in my kids’ lives. I believe now—mainly because they are at a critical learning age, as well as long term, it’s super important for your child to feel/know that you are actually involved, attentive, and present. Being present is about being mindful, being in the moment. It is also in those very same moments that create the best memories. 

Six ways to be more present and attentive with your littles:

1. Prioritize

Pay attention to how you’re spending your time and energy. Create more time in your schedule for what really matters. Outsource the least important things(they can wait). 

2. Get the proper amount of rest & sleep

So important! I don’t think many fully understand that if you do not get the proper amount of rest and sleep, you cannot be a present parent. Not getting enough sleep causes crankiness, a short temper, overexertion, lack of focus, and will cause an unbalance overall—in every aspect. 

3. Practice intentional parenting 

Live in the moment. Set intentions. Play a little more, laugh a little more, smile a little more, hug a little more, cuddle a little more, eat together a little more. Just be—eat a bowl of ice cream together, surprise them, draw together, tell them a funny story, ask them to teach you something, snuggle up—the list goes on. Just being is one of the purest forms of practicing intentional parenting. 

4. Separate work time from family time

This means putting away the electronics, blocking out other distractions and try not to let your mind wander(practice mindfulness to bring you back). Being a work-from-home mom can sometimes be hard, but I use different strategies like setting work hours, taking a day off, designated meeting hours, etc. 

5. Listen with your eyes

Your littles deserve to be heard—their beliefs, ideas, opinions, and feelings matter. Look at your littles and listen to their words. This also shows that you care and respect them. 

6. Keep your cool

Staying calm and having peace within you and around you helps you be more attentive and make better decisions pertaining to your littles. 

This feature was submitted by Samantha Gordon

Samantha Gordon is a mother, lifestyle creator and entrepreneur. She’s into sharing her discoveries, experiences, expertise, tips, and hacks on everything she loves and lives by. Daily, she is celebrating motherhood, life’s adventures and simple joys. Connect with Samantha Gordon here.