In the heart of Philadelphia, a culinary revolution is taking place. The city, known for its rich history and vibrant food scene, has welcomed an innovative addition – a gourmet bacon themed establishment that is setting the standard for a new dining excellence. Behind this mouthwatering venture are Justin Coleman and Kelvin Alexander, two visionaries who turned their passion for bacon into a booming business. Their company, Bake’n Bacon, isn’t just another restaurant; it’s a destination for bacon aficionados and culinary adventurers alike.

The journey of Coleman and Alexander from hobbyists to full-time entrepreneurs is nothing short of remarkable. With Coleman’s background in the arts and Alexander’s expertise in statistical reporting and data analytics, they might have seemed like unlikely candidates for culinary stardom. Yet, it was their diverse skill sets that allowed them to blend creativity with precision, crafting not just dishes but experiences that keep customers coming back for more. This dynamic duo has managed to create a buzz around their brand that resonates well beyond the confines of Philadelphia.

At the core of Bake’n Bacon’s success is its unique menu. Coleman and Alexander have meticulously designed an array of sandwich recipes that hit every note on the flavor spectrum. From the smoky whispers of perfectly cooked bacon to the bold accents of gourmet ingredients that accompany it, each sandwich offers a symphony of tastes that dances on the palate. It’s this commitment to culinary perfection that turns first-time visitors into loyal fans.

But what sets Bake’n Bacon apart isn’t just its delicious offerings; it’s the experience it provides. Stepping up to one of their trucks or restaurant is like being invited into a secret club where indulgence meets innovation. The tantalizing aromas, drawing people in from sidewalks and office buildings alike.

What truly makes Bake’n Bacon shine is its unwavering commitment to quality. Every ingredient is carefully selected for freshness and flavor potency, ensuring that each bite delivers an unparalleled gastronomic experience. This attention to detail extends beyond their food; customer service is equally paramount, with Coleman and Alexander often seen engaging personally with customers, sharing stories behind each recipe and listening attentively to feedback.

As Bake’n Bacon continues to thrive and expand its presence, it serves as a beacon for aspiring entrepreneurs everywhere. Justin Coleman and Kelvin Alexander have crafted more than just another successful business; they’ve created an unforgettable brand marked by innovation, quality, and heart.



Kelvin Alexander is a New Jersey native with a background in healthcare fraud investigations. He graduated from Philadelphia’s Temple University with a Bachelors of Science degree. Through his hardwork and dedication, he was able to rise quickly within his company. During his tenure, he specialized in and was responsible for customer service operations, statistical reporting and data analytics research. His longtime hobby and passion however, was baking and he found a liking to it at a young age. This passion would then connect him with Justin Coleman. From there, they both discussed their desires to open a restaurant one day. Soon that desire became a reality once Alexander & Coleman began Bake’n Bacon FoodTrucks. A mobile gourmet based catering company that would revolutionize the ubiquitous breakfast meat to a show stopping addition to a multitude of dishes. Kelvin attributes their shared success to a strong belief in God’s plan.




Justin Coleman grew up in Cape May, New Jersey. As a child, he developed a love and passion for the performing arts. He would write songs, sing, dance, and record in studios. Praying from a young age and building his relationship with God was something that Justin learned how to do at a very young age from his grandmothers. The kitchen served as a classroom where she would have him read recipes aloud and taste test all of the food for Sunday dinners. Ultimately, developing his palette to be sharp and discerning. It was those precious moments that prepared Justin for a career in the culinary arts. In 2019, Justin began Bake’n Bacon Food trucks with Kelvin Alexander. The pair tirelessly worked food truck events and private engagements to spread their bacon goodness. In the span of four years they are the proud owners of three food trucks and Philadelphia’s first and only bacon-inspired restaurant. The two attribute their success to their unyielding dedication and faith in God’s plan.


Photo Credit: Courtesy of Allied Global Marketing