Sylvia Brownlee is one of the most sought after skincare specialists in Cincinnati, however women all over the world have been able to take part in the “Skin By Brownlee” experience on Zoom or by purchasing her products on … We got a chance to get an exclusive with the skincare guru to discuss her brand, journey, tips for entrepreneurs, and what’s next!

How did you get your start in the beauty industry?

I attended cosmetology school in high school during my junior and senior years, I always knew I wanted to be in the beauty industry. 

When you first started your company, what are some things you did to get people to choose your company? 

I believe the biggest thing was showing up consistently, whether that was at events to promote my brand, on-location being consistent with my services and what I stood for.

You went from doing skincare services to also having a very successful product brand. How has that transition been for you?

I still do skin care services, it’s those products that allow me to have a successful brand because if you put in the work you will get the results. The nice part is now I can help women all over the world have beautiful skin.

Skin By Brownlee & Co products are now sold on, how has that experience been going?

It’s still a little shocking but it’s amazing and I’m living in the moment. It’s also a lot of work and pressure on yourself almost to be even better because these are first-time customers. 

As a full-time entrepreneur, what are 3 tips that you can give any new entrepreneur?

1. Never judge where you are compared to others, you don’t know their story

2. Stay consistent

3. Build a strong team 

March is Women’s History Month, and you are definitely making History while building your brand. Who has inspired you along your journey?

Too many to name but I think the biggest takeaway is Women are doing their thing, I love to see the growth, watching women that I may have never even met but seeing their growth year over year is what inspires me because we know nothing happens overnight.  

What’s next for you and the Skin By Brownlee & Co brand?

We want to continue to build awareness of the brand and help increase the self-esteem and confidence of women through our skincare line.