The skincare brand capable of fighting those fine lines on the stomach, hips, and thighs, talk about some of the reasons we get stretchmarks to begin with.

We all have them. We experience fine lines on our stomachs, around our sides, and even on our breasts and upper arms sometimes. These fine lines are often red and angry when they appear but will fade to a silvery line over time. Either way, we hate them. 

These fine lines – known better as stretchmarks – are a curse to many that suffer them. What are stretchmarks caused by, though? How can we avoid them? Is there any way we can live a stretchmark free life after they have arrived? Let’s take a look.

What are Stretchmarks?

Stretchmarks are lines in your skin that usually appear when your skin ‘stretches’. Technically, they are formed by scar tissue which starts off as a red streak and gradually lightens to white/silver skin over time. 

Stretchmarks are typically caused when the body mass expands or contracts too quickly for the skin to accommodate it. As the skin stretches to fit your new body mass, you end up with fine tears in the layers of the dermis. These lines appear red and irritated to begin with but will heal quickly. Once fully healed, they will appear as fine light-coloured lines. 

What Causes Stretchmarks?

There are several ways that you can get stretchmarks, most of which involve the rapid increase or decrease of body mass. Weightlifters, bodybuilders, and body sculptors, all go through phases where stretchmarks are an issue. Pregnant ladies, teenagers who are going through a rapid growth stage, and even those who lose a lot of weight quickly, can all pick up unwanted stretchmarks over time. 

Most pregnant women get stretchmarks, which is probably the commonest occurrence of these pesky scars. They are only on the surface of the skin but can deeply impact a person’s confidence – particularly for mothers who have just given birth. They are left wondering if they will ever get their pre-pregnancy body back – and in many cases, they mourn the loss but are forced to move swiftly on… a new baby keeps you busier than most.

Stretchmarks Don’t need to be Permanent

According to leading stretchmark experts and skincare product manufacturers skinomatics, stretchmarks don’t have to be permanent. In fact, they don’t have to happen at all. If you can keep the area in question supple with moisturisation, you have a good chance of escaping stretchmarks altogether. 

Oddly, this is easier to do if you are pregnant if only because you can anticipate those stretchmarks and treat them accordingly. If you can start using body oil (like the all-natural products they create) then you can effectively avoid stretchmarks by keeping them at bay.

How Skinomatics Body Oil Works

Applying Skinomatics body oil a few times a day throughout your r-pregnancy, works to dispel those fine lines that ultimately result in scarring. You should continue to use it even after you have given birth, as this is when your skin will start to contract again.

Even if you already have stretchmarks, Skinomatics body oil will lessen their appearance and give you back some of that confidence again. 

So, what are you waiting for? Try Skinomatics body oil for yourself and let us know the results in the comments!