You and Bae been kicking it with each other for a while now wining and dining, enjoying each other’s company, and you think he just might be the one.  Is it time to flex on the gram, or nah? Well, there are so many thoughts on when is the best time to show your new beau on social media.  I believe when it comes to social media and relationships it should be a decision made between both parties if ready to show the world what’s been brewing. Everything with this generation has been social media driven, and there are some pros and cons to that. Some women need that validation from their beau where they need to make sure other women know about their situation ship or relationship. Then there is the woman who believes private life happy life. They don’t need validation from the outside world about what is going on in her relationship.

I believe just because you don’t show your every move in your life on social media does not mean you are not happy, or not in love. Social media definitely has played a part on how people base their happiness just by looking at a photo, meme, or video. There is nothing wrong with sharing your beau when ready, just make sure it’s when you are both in sync and not because of insecurities, or you feel pressured by others people relationship photos. Also, when that first photo goes up you have to be ready to deal with the comments lord knows somebody always has something to say.

However, not to say they won’t be positive comments but your happiness does not depend on likes and comments.  So, here are some tips to assure you and your beau are ready for your close up on social media.

  1. Take first photo together on date
  2. Ready to take next step in the relationship
  3. Don’t care about others opinion
  4. Falling in love  with one another
  5. Mental and spiritual connection has been met

Remember, you and your beau will know when it’s the right time to show your love publicly just make sure when you do you pull out the red carpet and be the showstoppers that you are!

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