Sofaygo is only 20 years old and already on his way to superstardom. Boasting 703K followers on Instagram alone, the rising star seems to have created his lane in the rap game, something most artists continue to struggle with daily. Hailing from Cobb Country, Georgia, Sofaygo has already achieved what most people could only dream of in a lifetime: shutting down festival stages around the States and even signing to Travis Scott’s Cactus Jack imprint. 

Recording his first song ever in the 4th grade, Sofaygo dedicated himself to his craft early on, teaching himself how to record, mix, and master in GarageBand. Soon, he’d discover his unique sound, with a voice that immediately demands attention upon hearing. To date, his single “Off The Map” has become a viral sensation, accumulating nearly 5 million views on Youtube — all without a major label backing.

Regardless, the young singer/rapper has pivoted himself to becoming one of the most highly sought-after artists of this generation… and fans can’t wait for new music.

Sheen Magazine caught up with Sofaygo shortly after he shut down the stage at Rolling Loud Los Angeles. Read below as we discuss his Rolling Loud set, his favorite song to perform, his forthcoming album Pink Heartz, being signed to Travis Scott, studio essentials, and more!

How are you feeling?

Great! I just rocked the show out. I’m feeling great. 

How was the energy?

It was amazing. Every show, I just constantly improve. The energy gives every time. 

I actually saw you at Day N Vegas. How was that compared to Rolling Loud?

Day N Vegas was cool, but Rolling Loud’s energy is just crazy. 

It’s the crowd energy and stage production. I like performing at night, so the lights hit. At Day N Vegas, I performed in broad daylight. 



What’s your favorite song to perform? 

Probably “Off The Map.” Everybody knows that one. 

How old are you? 

20. I’m just taking it all in, learning new [stuff]. 

What can we expect next, music-wise? 

I got an album coming out. It’s called Pink Heartz. It’s basically a transition into a whole new sound. I was really on some underground shit not too long ago, so I’m trying to improve my sound and take it to a new level. So that’s really what this album is gonna be about. 

You’re signed to one of the biggest artists!

Nah, facts. They’re doing a lot for me and teaching me a lot. I’m getting a lot of game from them. 

Any collabs we can expect?

I’m gonna keep that on the hush.

Two things you need in the studio?

Peace and tea.

What do you want fans to get from your story?

Be yourself, chase your dreams, and let the rest unfold.

Anything else you’d like to let the people know?

Nah, not really. [laughs] Just expect new music soon. I’m poppin’ out!