Remaining consistent to the hand that was dealt, rapper BreezyLYN gears up with her awaited summer anthem “Bad B*tches” Remix Featuring rappers Kali, and Lola Brooke. As the single was previously making repeats through social media and music platforms, BreezyLYN approaches her throne by re-branding Girl Power onto new ventures. Bringing in women from the same caliber to represent all women globally has given fans more of a reason to tune into the New York native. Showing nothing short of her background, BreezyLYN goes in for the kill with releasing visuals to the single. Giving lush to the meaning“In my duffle” is what it the perfect single for the girls  this up-and-coming summer ’23.


Let’s start from the beginning, who is BreezyLYN?

I was doing music since I was young, it was always just something that I did for myself. Rather than let everybody hear it or go public with it. For me, it was just therapeutic for myself. It started at home, just playing around and stuff but then I took a liking to it. Last year I was in the studio real heavy, like realheavy and I just recorded the track.  I was sitting on the phone while I was telling my best friend about it. And she was like, You got to drop it, summer about to be over.  So, you know, I just did it, and I’m glad I did it.  I was always into music, I always loved music like R&B Hip Hop, it was always in my home. I feel like it was destined to happen.


Describe your sound as an artist that is just starting to build your own momentum in the industry.

I just feel like it’s realistic but sexy at the same time, I try to be relatable. I’ve been in the studio I haven’t released too much music because I’m working on “Bad B*tches” and stuff like that. But the music that I do have that’s in the vault is so many different sides of me, so many different shades of me, it’s so much to see.


How did the single “Bad B*tches” become your first official single?

The goal was to make an encouraging song. Honestly, it was like really a freestyle. I was home, I was playing a couple of beats. I came across that beat and it was like I instantly caught the vibe. This is for the girls, Baddies. we outside, and it just came together really.


What about the song “Mad Riches” by Sonder attracted you to use it as a sample on your Single?

I’m gonna be honest, I didn’t know that. I made a post on Tik Tokand it was going crazy. I was in the comments people were saying it’s a sample. I was researching it, and then I finally found it and thought, Oh, shoot, that’s actually dope.


Let’s get into the remix, what made you want to collaborate with both Kali and Lola Brooke for this single in particular?

Well, Kali was like one of the first that showed love, like, one of the first I’m not gonna lie. She was on live and she did a TikTokto it, she was showing love, then Lola was showing love. I feel like with Lola it’s definitely one for the home team. So it’s for the culture, for the home team, you know, we got to put on and it’s just for the girls period. I feel like it was a good collab, we got Atlanta, we got Brooklyn, like, let’s get it.


What can we look forward to within your next projects?

I’m so excited to show everybody so many different sides of me. I’m not afraid to be vulnerable. I’m not afraid to talk about love. I’m not afraid to talk about heartbreak, and real-life shit that’s going on. It’s not just one side of me, you know? And that’s what I want to expose to the world.


As an artist who is dedicated to perfecting her craft, what do you tell yourself to remind you to keep moving forward within this industry?

Stay consistent, consistency is key. There’s a lot of times thatdidn’t feel motivated but I stood consistent in it, that’s what kept me going. So just stay consistent. Remember your purpose, remember who you do it for.


Photo Credit: Kumoshai