They cannot live their life without making sure you see them.

Irritating people love getting under your skin. It turns them on seeing you so annoyed. You are their target, and they make darn sure you know it, even if you could not care less. What game are they playing by themselves? Make no mistake you have something they want, and they cannot live with knowing that you, of all people, bother them. Their fake kindness is one of many tactics they use to get close to you only to flip their attitude later. Do not believe a word they say if you know what is good for you. They would much rather see you irritated by them and you wanting to know what, when, where, and how they have what they have. Wrapped in insecurities and in straight jealousy you will always find them staring at you, watching your every move. They are always finding ways to be in your presence.

Irritating people love showing up at the right time, kind of like they have been stalking you from afar. What is it about you that keeps that irritating and annoying little human being “in their head”? Although I can think of a lot of things, I will make it simple. You upset their world, their very existence. A quick assessment would be to look at your life and theirs. You have too much. No wonder they are bothered by you. What irritating people do not get is that your thoughts, dreams, goals, and accomplishments have nothing to do with them. Their fixation on your life, family, and home is all they think about, and it drives them mad.

What is the problem? There is none, if you keep smiling, achieving, and living your life as if they do not exist. Irritating people hate when they are ignored by the very people that they are trying to make angry. Let me simply say, “there is nothing to see here, and you do not matter to me” is the message that you send to that confused individual who seeks to annoy you. Maybe, there are tired of you having all the fun. Maybe your partner is just that fine and they cannot take not having the same as you. Could it be that promotion you received is the one they thought they were going to get? Maybe your home is beautiful, and all the coins in their pocket will not allow them the same lifestyle. Well, whatever is happening in their angry little heads, you have taken center stage in their world, and they cannot take it.

I say that’s what they get for looking into your life. Life would be much easier for irritating people if they focused on their own life and not everyone else’s. You are not in competition with them, although in their screwed-up little minds you are. Do not act like you don’t see them watching you or making their awkward appearances whenever you are out and about. Yeah, they are watching you for sure. The more they hear about your life and happiness, the more irritating they become and the greater lengths they go to make you angry. Can I say desperation?

Irritating people are everywhere; they are just that obvious in their behavior and actions. They are so eager to get you going and angry at them that they act the darn fool. Always putting themselves out there irritating people in hopes that they throw you off your game and “out of character”. There is nothing like having strange people throw themselves in front of you in hopes that you see them and want what they have because that’s how they feel about you. There is also nothing like watching these people go out of their way to try and affect you just to rid themselves of the power you have over them.

I say if you must go out of your way for me to see you and be angry at you, I must be doing something right. Never allow these people to get you “off your game” and/or angry. Walk past them, especially if all they are doing is gossiping behind your back. Who cares what they think and feel about you? Irritating people’s thoughts and feelings about you will not and cannot stop you from living, and they surely won’t step in the way of your success. Remember who is in charge here; you are. They are trying to get at you, not the other way around. The only way you forfeit your positioning to the irritating person is by allowing them to see you angry and “out of character”, simply cussing and fussing. The more you laugh and live your life, the angrier the irritating people will become. Eventually, they will move on to someone else. The response you send keeps them around or moves them down the road where they belong. Your job is to keep them moving!