When opportunity reveals itself, you must prevail. Singer/ Actor Dana Vaughns progresses through elevation by  dividing a plane field within the artist industry. Based in Los Angeles, the 23-year-old triple threat holds no punches when it comes t chasing what has been met for you since birth. As he is living proof to what “chasing your dreams” qualify as such. Extending the roots to what inspired him such as 90’s R&B, pop, etc., Vaughns eccentric sound invites a welcome to a well-rounded generation there is as well as more to come.

Beginning a career as a member in a group, Vaughns decided to pursue a solo career in 2015 resulting to his first single “Feelings.”  Showing technique through a piano ballad , along with having a “soulful root,” generating  as more than what was soon to be showcased as his first single, but also to become what has been looked at as relatable to what others can relate to. “I got into singing for an opportunity, but it became a deep love, appreciation and passion. Originally, it just started as you know let’s try something new, see where it takes me.”

Proving to surpass the stage as a “one hit wonder,” Vaughns career eludes beyond measure. As well as his first single, Vaughns continued to provide a necessary attachment within the music industry. Creating an introverted lane for himself, Vaughns continued to seclude balance with his own sound by creating singles hitting ranges of streams. Following up with a highly anticipated EP, “Familiar Strangers” is introduced as more than a greeting to the world, but a chance to see Vaughns outside his comfort. Labeling it as “proving to myself that I could stick to my guns and being original.” – Dana Vaughns.

Keeping the steady momentum going, Vaughns shifted gears while still holding relatability to his fans when creating the sophomore EP “Love So Different.” Released back in the early summer of July 16th  the sophomore EP portrayed the stance of “leveling up” in a way for the better. Finding himself more in the creative space, Vaughns relays the message of believing in what self-care does to those who feel the need to partake in it resulting to that kind of energy being one of the main takeaways from this EP.

As life reaches outstanding distance, so does Vaughns career as he continues to flourish  as a triple threat. Following up with  pursuing his independent artistry, as well as creating music videos, along with staying leveled in the acting field. Resulting to various things that has been nothing but worked beyond his favor. Vaughns is more than artist, but an artist on the rise who shows nothing but well-rounded progression.



Featured Image by Chad Brady