Nourishment is a word that has been coming up lately in my life. I think we just get so wrapped up with our day to day activities that we forget to nourish ourselves with what we need to keep going. My aunt said the funniest thing to me the other day. I was saying to her, I am just so exhausted and she said well Ebony, you don’t have a battery in your back! I started laughing that’s when it hit me like you have to slow down or your body is going to make you. So, I know I am not alone y’all do you ever feel like you just work, take care of kids(if you have any), pay bills, and not to mention deal with the way of the world ie:COVID-19, racism, killings etc. let’s just say life be lifing y’all but let’s remember not to forget what keeps us sane. So here are some things we can do to be fed spiritually, mentally, and physically.

1. Exercise – Yes! Get walking or join a gym or even watch YouTube for the latest dance and exercise videos to decrease stress levels!

2. Happy Hour with friends – Switch up the monotony of the week and have a drink or two w/ some good eats w/some feel good people in your life laugh and feel free for a moment!

3. Read a good book – Get into it there are so many good books that just dropped like Tabitha Brown “Feeding the soul” which is something we can learn from as we are trying to nourish ourselves!

4. Listen to a good podcast – There are many inspirational pod casts that focus on self care like self-care and chill with maui, woman evolve w/ Sarah Jakes Roberts so give them a listen!

5. Meditate – Take a minute or maybe 5-10 minutes each morning or before you go to bed block out the noise and cut off your thinking if you can (hard for me at times) but I promise when you cut off what you have to do , and just sit and breathe it feels like the weight of the world is off of you just for a moment. So just give it a try!

We can do it together y’all let’s get ourselves back and do what we need to be nourished to keep going, we only have one us let’s not run us down but show our bodies and mind some love!


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