The Journey of a Spirit Conjuror and Natural Healer

In the realm of spiritual healing, there exists a guiding force that has touched the lives of countless individuals, offering them solace and empowerment. Meet Chaela Bre Ahari , a gifted spirit conjuror and natural healer, whose profound journey has led her to create an oasis of spiritual growth and transformation.

From a young age, spirituality found a special place in Ahari’s heart, foreshadowing her destiny as a healer and illuminating her path as a conjurer. Drawing inspiration from her mother, Lala Inuti Ahari, a world renowned spiritual leader, and founder of The Conjure. Chaela discovered her purpose in helping others. Embarking on this path during her high school years, she cultivated her innate gifts with her mother’s guidance, and charging forward her transformative journey. As the visionary behind Soul Purge, Chaela envisions a future where spiritual growth transcends healing sessions. Her vision is to elevate Soul Purge into a comprehensive lifestyle brand, where the principles of physical, mental, and emotional wellness seamlessly merge with spirituality. To achieve this, she leans into plans of expanding and engaging with elements in local wellness and spiritual events to bring visibility to the brand’s reach and impact.

At the core of Soul Purge lies a diverse range of services tailored to the unique needs of seekers. Ahari elaborates on the transformative processes and benefits of each service:

“My Soul Purge is a group ceremony which allows me to assist multiple people and deliver cleansings to each individual. What I do is ENERGY work. I’m able to connect with the auras of my clients, analyze where there may be blocked energy or even toxic energy and conjure benevolent spirits (mostly angels) to help remove the negative energy from them.”

Chaela went on to expand upon an array of ceremonies provided by Soul Purge,

“ My Un-Hex ceremony is used to remove hexes and curses from my clients who feel that baneful work has been done to them and they’re experiencing severe bad luck that continues to grow over time. Unhex is meant to restore my clients energetic balance as well as provide a layer of protection to ensure that this doesn’t happen to them again. “

“When my clients book my healing ceremony, I tap into their energy and with the assistance of the angels I conjure, I’m able to help deliver healing energy to my clients. “

With nearly a decade of experience, Chaela Ahari is a master of her craft. She shares her approach to ensuring authenticity and efficacy in her spiritual spell-works and also elaborating on the importance of healing soul-ties:

“I’ve been practicing for almost a decade now, so I’ve learned very quickly how to make my work as effective as possible. I prepare myself by giving myself a cleansing and meditating prior to my work to ensure that I’m in the best state of being to conjure. This also ensures a stronger connection when I’m dealing with different clients’ auras. These practices have made my work extremely effective, that most clients will experience amazing results almost instantly or even within a day or 2.”

In most recent terms a “Soul-Tie” is defined as an emotional and spiritual connection between two people. But Chaela’s response provided both clarity and perspective,

“Soul ties are starting to become a familiar concept to people nowadays, but it’s been something I’ve been dealing with for years now. Soul ties can be created from any type of emotional bond or connection. Sexual connection tends to be the most familiar way people are aware of, but it’s not always a sexual bond. Some bonds can be very toxic as negative energies/entities can transfer over into your life and your energy and affect you in very harmful ways.”

When my clients book a Soul tie removal/Healing ceremony, I can tap into their energy, conjure angels for assistance, and remove the negative energy tied to that individual from their specified target (usually a previous partner). Removing a soul tie will sever all physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and sexual ties to that person. While they won’t forget about that person entirely, they will not feel as emotionally tied to that person. This allows them to move on with great ease, emotionally heal faster and not feel triggered by that person or the memories they shared with them.”

Soul Purge stands apart in the competitive spiritual healing industry, she credits the knowledge of both her knowledge of self and the mastering of her craft to her ability to heal and guide those in need of spiritual release.

“ I stay true to myself and my roots. I’m open to trying new things but I know that what I do works and has worked for years, so I never feel threatened by any new trends in my market. The authenticity of my work speaks for itself, so I believe that will always keep me ahead. “

With Soul Purge, Ahari’s success rests not only in her pure intentions to help others but also in the testimonies and success stories of her beloved clients.

“My Soul Purge Cleansing is a client favorite. I always hear testimonies of feeling more energetic, lighter, and more peaceful. I’ve had clients dealing with anxiety and depression tell me that my cleansing has helped tremendously. I’ve even done cleansings for children, some that have dealt with anger issues to children with disabilities and they have all seen improvement after my cleansing. This is just to name a few, I have so many amazing reviews from clients and I continue to get more all the time.”

As our conversation went on Chaela broke down the common challenges faced by many of her clients and others embarking on their journeys to spiritual healing and the importance of providing them with the support and customer service they deserve.

“The most common challenges people will face is anxiety and depression. No matter what they’re dealing with, there’s always a level of anxiety or depression that will lead them to try an alternative route to change their life. One of the reasons why Soul Purge grew so much in such a short amount of time is my client relationships. I care about each one of my clients and I want the very best for them.”

As a global service provider, Chaela beautifully navigates cultural diversity by respecting and understanding her clients:

“I’m able to connect with the energy of my clients with the information they provide me. Your name and your birthday is your energetic signature, that is your energy and it’s unique to you. My mother taught me how to connect with people’s energy to deliver healing no matter where they are in this world. I also understand that some of my clients may not share the same spiritual beliefs as me and some may even be more religious. I see people as people before any other title or belief system, and while I don’t believe that my work should interfere with any spiritual beliefs of others, I’m always open to discussing any concerns with my clients during the consultation.”

Technology has revolutionized brand outreach, enabling people to touch lives worldwide, we are able to see global connectivity in real time from anywhere across the world.

“Technology has actually made what I do much easier. It has allowed me to reach many people internationally that wouldn’t have without technology and social media. It allows me to share my work online so people can get an understanding of

what I do, and it also allows me to send my clients videos of the completed ceremony so they can feel a part of the experience no matter where they are in the world. “

As what many have describes as their guide to healing and hope, Chaela Bre Ahari offers valuable advice to those aspiring to make a positive impact and expand their knowledge of conjuring and root work:

“Do what fills your heart and actually calls to you. I’m sure many have seen my success and may desire that, but the money, lifestyle and success comes from my service to mankind. It’s the fruit of my labor, and I do what I do because I genuinely want to help and heal people. I believe that if it’s your calling, the universe will bless you immensely. “

In the realm of spiritual healing, Chaela and Soul Purge stand as a testament to the boundless power of authenticity, compassion, and the relentless pursuit of empowering lives through the art of spiritual healing.

Photo Credits: Courtesy of Chaela Bre Ahari