Did you know that sound frequency can heal your mind, body, and soul? Did you also know that there are many frequencies you can listen to in order to tune your body? The benefits of sound frequency are amazing. The use of sound frequencies for healing is a holistic approach to achieving a long old age by bringing your body into the biometric alignment it was intended to exist in. There are a lot of negative energies in this world; they cause a number of health issues as well as energy imbalances in one’s body. Over the past few years, I have been incorporating many different sound frequencies into my life to help me relax and bring my body into complete balance.

Modern medicines don’t work, leaving many people to suffer in silence. There is so much we can dive into when talking about frequency. I am just going to shed some light on the topic as well as bring to light the power of sound frequency to change one’s mood/attitude and rejuvenate cells in the body. Now I know this is a lot to take in, so for now just listen. Look at sound frequency in the form of listening to your favorite song; you know that song that makes you feel relaxed, calm and in a world of your own. That song or sound that puts you in a mood, taking you to a calmer place and causing you to experience complete relaxation showcases the power of sound frequency. If we look at the different types of frequencies and how they affect the body, you will soon understand how deep this goes.

Sound frequency is used daily in many cultures around the world and has been proven to be effective in healing the body of depression, disease, daily aches and pains, mental illness, and much more. We all can now achieve good health by incorporating sound frequency in our daily life. The more you apply frequencies to your life, the more you will understand why it works and aids in healing the physical body as well as the mind and soul. Let us take a look at the many different frequencies used in sound healing.

If you ever listened to 20 Hz or even 22 Hz, you would recognize its benefits right away on your mind and body. These frequencies help to remove negative energies and negative thoughts from one’s body. They promote emotional balance and a feeling of inner peace. Once experienced, you will never look at sound frequency the same. my hope is that you learn everything you can about the benefits of sound frequency and its healing power on the mind, body, and soul.

Many of you may know the benefits of sound frequency already and uses it in your life daily. For others, this is something you are hearing about for the first time. There is a ton of information out there about the power of sound frequency, and I am going to share with you a few of the frequencies and their benefits on the human body. If you are wondering if it works, trust me it does. I want you to use healing frequency in your life so that you can experience a healthier and balance body.

Adding sound frequency to your life allows you to take on a holistic approach to healing oneself. It is especially important to tune your mind and body to the right frequencies because the wrong frequency can cause your body to experience more stress … that very stress you seek to release. Can you feel a song moving through your every being? It is that sound frequency and vibration that is attaching itself to your body or as I like to say, it’s attaching to your frequency and vibration on a comic level. The humming sounds you make with your mouth can also create such a soothing vibration for the mind and body, try it

Our bodies respond to frequency and vibrations around us; some are good for us and some are not. If you have been wanting to get rid of negative energies, the frequency to listen to for such a task is 528 Hz. Your body is doing more than just allowing you to relax when listening to this frequency. The 528 Hz frequency promotes the balance and healing of cells in your body. The frequency of 528 Hz is also said to work with your endocrine system reducing cortisol levels in your body, bringing about a stress-free mind and body. When you listen to music or sounds vibrating at 528 Hz, you are ridding your body of stress. Here are a few frequencies you can get acquainted with:

  • 40 Hz: This frequency works with gamma brain waves and the stimulation of memory.
  • 174 Hz: This is a Solfeggio frequency and is considered sacred music that aids in meditation.
  • 285 Hz: This frequency is important in the healing of cuts, burns, and other bodily wounds.
  • 396 Hz: This is the frequency for getting rid of fear and negative feelings.
  • 417 Hz: This is the frequency for ridding the mind and body of past trauma.

There are many more healing frequencies, far too many to name here. If you incorporate frequency healing into your life and the lives of those you love, you are making the right decision because sound frequency can improve your life allowing you to experience a healthier you. Sound frequency healing has wonderful benefits. It is simply food for our bodies, minds and souls on a biometric level which is why certain tones and sounds affects us in positive ways while others do not. Listening to the right sound frequency is important for mental illness as it promotes a calmer human being. Sound frequency allows you to understand which sounds and/or frequencies are best for your body and mind based on how you feel while listening to it. What your body needs, wants and desires is frequency and vibration. I leave you with this; make sound frequency therapy a crucial part of your life and those you love because its benefits are amazing. You too can have a healthier body, mind, and soul.