Saint Bodhi is far more than just an artist, she’s a creative in every sense of the word. Hailing from South Central, Los Angeles comes with its own battles, and Bodhi is here to tell her story through her music and art. In addition to being a fire recording artist signed to Def Jam — arriving in the music industry with relentless bars, a spitfire flow, and nothing but the real in her lyrics — she’s also penning a story for Marvel’s Storm, adding her own personality and flair to the character.

On Monday, August 9th, Bodhi performed an intimate showcase at The Mint in Los Angeles, partnering with Hunnypot Live, an on-line radio station that’s been around for over two decades. Sheen Magazine was in attendance, asking Bodhi some questions about her beauty regime, Black girl magic, her new project Antisocial, and more!

How do you balance being both an artist and writer?

I keep the too personal stuff to myself. I don’t know, I just let it flow. I let that shit flow.

You did your own makeup in the car, it looks great!

Bruh! [laughs] 

What are your beauty go-to’s?

My beauty go-to is a nice seasalt bath with roses. Dermalogica is my favorite, they have this really nice facial pill. Shea butter, and African black soap.

Any hair secrets?

Go to this place called First Class Beauty, 333 Manchester Ave. It’s in the hood, you go to Inglewood. You can go get your extensions from there.

What does Black Girl Magic mean to you?

Black girl magic is knowing your worth, understanding that you’re beautiful no matter what anybody the fuck tells you. Understanding your power and your heritage, and knowing you come from kings and queens and goddesses.

Which one of your lyrics best describes your life?

“Antisocial.” [sings] “I’ve been rolling solo, I’m just dolo like Cudi. In the cut you don’t know… I’m antisocial as fuck, yeah yeah!” I’m antisocial as fuck, low key. I’m a gamer. I do comics.

What are your favorite games?

Assassin’s Creed, Tomb Raider, right now God of War. I’m replaying God of War because I lost all my damn data on my PS4 and it’s holding me back. Uncharted, and The Evil Within is pretty cool.

What are you most excited for this year?

I’m excited for this Dahi project I’m doing right now. Hopefully that’s coming out in November. That is a precious project for me right now. DJ Dahi, he’s a producer. We’re about 95% done with this project.

Featured Image by Brandon Hicks