It’s been two weeks of intimacy and no holds barred sexual expression since South-Florida based rapper Billy Fence released his second single “Love Like This.” Guaranteed to put you in the mood, the single gives a voice to men and women across the globe who aim to tease and please.

It’s about romance, it’s about a female being pleased and she’s happy and satisfied with what I’m doing to her. I want this song to bring back that lovemaking and romance and I want my fans to appreciate making love. It sets the mood for you to relax and be comfortable with your mate. This song takes us back to old songs like back in the days with the Isley brothers. Nowadays with so many marriages failing, I hope this rhythm gets them back in the bedroom and really connect,” says $BillyFence$.

Unapologetically real and raw, this song is for the grown and sexy. “You hit the spot with the love you got it gets me hot/ nice and wet I like your _ it makes me sweat/ Your hug, your kiss, I never thought a thug could make love like this/ I don’t know what it was I missed/ All I know is that I love this _,” he wrote in the hook.

It’s his second solo commercial single release, a follow-up to his 2019 single “She Say.” No stranger to entertainment industry, the rapper has been a star in his own right for over two decades. $BillyFence$ spent the early part of his career in a rap group opening up for Trick Daddy, Busta Rhymes, and Fat Joe before establishing himself as a stand-alone creative talent with impactful, original music. These days the independent artist is making his impact felt all the way from Hollywood Florida to Hollywood California.

$BillyFence$ spoke with Sheen Magazine about his latest single “Love Like This” and opened up about what men secretly want their women to know about sex and intimacy.

It’s been two weeks since you released your single “Love Like This,” How does it feel being recognized for your work as an independent artist in such a competitive space?

It feels really good. To get the feedback from my music and just to see how people react to it has been exciting. I just want to see where it goes from here and I know that I have to keep grinding and keep making music until I drop the next single.

When we think of intimacy, we often think roses, lingerie, and pleasing a woman. What does every man secretly want his woman to know about his needs and his desire for intimacy?

I think just having someone to talk to really. Sometimes a man just needs to be valued and respected – just hear us out sometimes. Women expect us to be the tough one but never ask us how we’re feeling and what we’re going through but It’s okay to ask, “Do you need anything?” A man just wants to be heard and listened to. We want someone to be there at our lowest moments in life. People don’t know what we go through as men, we’re expected to be the strong one’s but we have weak moments. Women can do simple things like asking their man how his day is going and find out what he’s feeling to show intimacy.

What are 3 things women can do to please their men that a man won’t come out and openly ask for?

Sometimes we may need to be catered to, we like to be surprised too. Take us to the spa to get a nice massage, treat us to the barbershop to get a haircut, but most importantly ask us how our day is going and how we’re feeling – It’s just that simple, we don’t ask for too much.

What’s next for $BillyFence$?

More music and live in-person performances, I want to interact with my fans so they can get to know me more. Hopefully I can do a little songwriting for more artists because writing and production is a passion of mine. You’ll definitely see more and hear more of Billy Fence on a wider scale.

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