Saying what is on your mind isn’t always easy, so make sure to speak up if you have something important to say.

Sure, there is a lot happening in your life and at times you feel as if you are losing your focus on what is important. This is not the time to keep quiet or stuff your thoughts in a chest where they cannot be heard. If you have something to say, Speak Up.  What you have to say is just as important as everyone else. Give yourself credit for even wanting to deal with the issues around you. Will everyone like what you have to say? Probably not. Can what you have to say change a negative situation into a positive one? If only everyone knew what you were thinking. There are some great ideas out there, and some that are just plain negative. If what you want to bring to the tables is a positive and fresh look on something that has not been working for a while, it’s your time to speak up … or keep living with the same issues and complaints.

Change does not come easy. If so, we all would be living in a somewhat perfect world of our own based solely on what feels comfortable. Since that is not how life works, our daily involvement with others means we are more likely to agree than say what we really feel. Somehow that seems a little outdated, if you ask me. Even if your speaking up does not move the needle far, it can still point you in a different direction than you started in. Still, no one may want to hear what it is you have to say. However, if it allows you to free yourself and get out of your own head—not to mention stop worrying—it’s worth it for your peace of mind alone. No one wants to live in their head daily with thoughts of what they should have said but did not.

Now that you have gotten a few things off your chest, you can sit back and ease your mind to calmer thoughts. The goal is to not stress yourself out with matters you have already addressed. You may not get the response you want and that’s okay. Change your approach and focus on your mental health as well as peace of mind. You are not going to win every argument or issue you are faced with; no one ever does.  If you have to speak up about something in your life, be happy you did if it allows you comfort. Never allow anyone to stop you from speaking because I tell you if something was happening to them that they did not like or they noticed the need for change in something that is affecting them, they would speak up.

Life is a journey and what affects you may not affect me. What keeps you up at night can have me sleeping like a baby. We all speak up when there is a loss of peace of mind and comfort.  Trust me, when there is a loss of peace of mind and comfort in your life that only affects you, letting others know how you feel is what you will do especially if it keeps you from stressing out.

When speaking up, make sure to include those parties that you feel are affecting you and let them know the stress they may be causing in your life. I mean there are no easy or comfortable ways to tell someone to stop their behavior. If you see something is not right on the job or someone is being mistreated, speak up even if that means coming up with a solution to a problem that can benefit other people. If more people spoke up to say how they feel, the world would be a better place, and respect for others would be visible wherever we go.  So, learn to say what is on your mind without tearing another individual down. And when you speak up, be prepared for a response.