Sprite fans live in a world where hip-hop has transcended music and now pervades many aspects of culture. They’re fashion designers, artists, athletes, business owners, social activists, and more. They’re brought together by a desire to push the frontiers of self-expression in order to leave their mark.

Sprite is introducing a global music program called Sprite Limelight this summer to complement ‘Heat Happens,’ Sprite’s global marketing narrative about staying cool in hot situations.

Sprite has had a long-standing relationship with music; it’s been a cornerstone of the brand since the 1980s, when it championed Hip Hop as a rising movement, and it’s worked with music luminaries from a variety of genres throughout the years. Limelight brings together diverse performers who are known for having something to say, just as Heat Happens is about being cool in the face of hardship.

Sprite Limelight’s campaign features worldwide music veteran James Blake and brings together fascinating international artists such as North American rapper Coi Leray, African artist Omah Lay, and Chinese artist Hua Chenyu.

Photos courtesy of Sprite