The beauty brand, SKINN recently released a fine fragrance that smells like a never-ending summer dream, and it’s all I’ve been spritzing lately.

Founded by Dimitri James in 2002, SKINN aspires to help consumers achieve lifelong beauty. Being in the industry for decades as a licensed esthetician, certified makeup artist, and skincare educator for multinational cosmetic brands, Dimitri witnessed a lack of transparency, diluted formulas, and constant corner cutting at the consumer’s expense. This inspired Dimitri to take matters into his own hands and, alas, SKINN was born!

The brand stands by its clean and mindful philosophy to holistically enhance your natural beauty with at-home, professional-grade solutions. SKINN caters to all regardless of age or gender, while prioritizing innovation and natural ingredients without having to compromise performance. All of the formulas are on trend with modern skincare advancements, plus they don’t have any unnecessary fillers or additives. On top of that, these formulas are backed by evidence-based science through SKINN’s in-house team of scientists, third-party clinical studies, and manufacturer testing.

There’s nothing like discovering a new fragrance, and the SKINN® Eau de Parfum does not disappoint!

Treat yourself, a friend, and your man to SKINN’s first-ever fine fragrance, SKINN® Eau de Parfum, crafted for women and men alike. SKINN created an elaborate perfume with a layered aroma, and unlike other fragrances, the SKINN® Eau de Parfum is constructed with molecules that intensify the notes and allow this fragrance to uniquely adapt to the skin. That said, every wearer who indulges is given a long-lasting, personalized and energized experience.

Designed and formulated in Los Angeles, it was only right that the SKINN® Eau de Parfum embodied the warm and carefree spirit of Southern California. Inspired by the clear blue skies, golden sandy beaches, and fresh ocean air of the West Coast, this unisex fragrance blends delicious notes together including Neroli, sparkling Lemon Peel, and soft floral Bergamot Blossom. Also sprinkled in is a rich twist of Amber and Oud coupled with the bottom notes of Musk and Sandalwood. This signature scent transforms with each consumer’s individual pheromones, and I absolutely love how (for me) the aroma starts off with a citrusy, clean tone, then progresses to sensual and woodsy notes that are most prominent on my body.

“With the creation of the new fragrance, I wanted a scent that I love to live my life in, and for everyone to feel the same way,” says SKINN founder Dimitri James. “My passion has always been to help people achieve their skincare goals, and the Fragrance was created to complement everyone’s skincare and daily routine.” The fragrance comes in an ocean blue recyclable glass bottle, and to use, spritz onto the skin at each pulse point. For a softer aroma, spray directly on clothes.

Perfect for daytime to evening wear, the SKINN® Eau de Parfum has become my go-to fragrance and has a nicely balanced composition for various tastes. In addition to the Fragrance, SKINN also sells skin care and makeup, so that you can smell and look good all of the time. To shop or learn more about SKINN, visit!