We’re bringing the hottest international beauty trends from around the world to you!

The beauty industry is booming now more than ever. Influencers and beauty professionals alike are becoming more and more creative with the way they deliver products and content. More than ever, people have been searching for ways to beautify and maintain themselves at home so that they can put their best Zoom faces forward. In fact, some of the most searched beauty topics of 2020 included things like “how to cut hair at home” and “how to perfect my own eyebrow.” For the last 15 months or so, our living rooms have served as our personal hair and nail salons, Brazilian waxing boutiques, and eyebrow studios. I think it’s about time we get out of here!

So let’s take a trip around the world! We’re taking an international beauty tour to check out some of the hottest beauty trends from around the globe so that we can add some culture to our living room beauty routine.


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