Asian American rapper Star2 embarks on a luxurious rampage, which chronicles his “rags to riches” journey on his latest rap single “New Me.” Star2 is an emerging force to be reckoned with as he holds his own with St. Louis-bred legend Luh Kel and the notorious hip hop idol Soulja Boy who add their distinct flavor to the new track.

The “New Me” music video is a lavish explosion of hyper-indulgence that pays homage to Star2’s roots and celebrates how far he’s come as an artist. It’s a dreamlike visual saga featuring a jacuzzi full of $100 bills, French maids who hand-feed him grapes, orange Lambos and money guns. The scene is set at an enormous mansion where Star2 sets the stage for a pool party frenzy.

The music video later devolves into a private show featuring Soulja Boy and Star2 as they fire money guns off the stage at his in-house strip club. The rap opens with a burgeoning riff from a full-string section that lulls us into Star2’s distorted dreamscape. “New Me” channels the recognizably iconic styles of Soulja Boy and Luh Kel to compliment Star2’s refreshing style on this powerfully potent track. Altogether, the dynamic between the 3 artists creates an air of celebration whose extravagance matches the deeply indulgent nature of the party itself.

“New Me” is from Star2’s highly anticipated upcoming EP, set for 2023, and will feature artists such as HoodTrophy Bino from Soulja Boy’s Stacks on Deck Money Gang label, Soulja Boy, Luh Kel, CMG’s Lil Poppa, $tupid Young, and Mozzy. “New Me” follows Star2’s explosive summer tour with Luh Kel that put Star2 on the map as a respected rap influence of his generation.