Weaves and extensions have so many benefits – being able to test drive a new look, having fun with new cuts and colors, are just a few. But one of the top reasons that installs are a go-to service is the protective style element, hands down. Check out ways to take advantage of Mayvenn’s complimentary install services and watch your natural hair flourish in the process.

New Waves, New You

model: @tenisha.ward 

Being able to try out a brand new look, like this pretty dark root moment, is a huge benefit to a new install. You’re able to test drive a new style without having to fully commit, so that you and your stylist can figure out the perfect combination of cut and color before potentially permanently changing your natural strands. To recreate this look, grab some Body Wave bundles and ask for a closure install, then add on a fun custom color and wand curls. Don’t forget that the sew-in appointment is actually paid for by Mayvenn after you purchase the bundles and closure piece!

Embrace Your Natural Tresses

One of the best things about installs is that the possibilities are virtually endless – like with this beautiful Kinky Straight inspo. The bundles blend seamlessly with natural hair, and sewing them in is a great way to add length and fullness while still retaining the textured, natural look we love. Ask your stylist for a sew-in with Leave Out and blend your natural hair by stretching or blowing it out to maintain this look at home.

Color Me Bad

A flawless Lace Frontal install is a perfect way to achieve a custom color without chemically altering your natural hair. This 613 Blonde look is giving exactly what it’s supposed to give – iced out realness without applying a touch of bleach to your own tresses. Ask your stylist to tone your 613 bundles and frontal to a cool shade before sewing them in and showing the world your new alter ego.

Classic Loose Waves for the Win

An easygoing Loose Wave install is not only timeless, but it’s also easy to upkeep. Maintaining this texture at home is as simple as braiding it at night and sleeping with a bonnet and/or silk or satin pillowcase. Ask your stylist to sew-in a frontal and rock a deep side part for this look. Want it to be even lower maintenance? Use a closure or leave-out install and maintain the texture of the bundles the same way. Don’t forget to moisturize and cleanse your beautiful natural hair underneath!

Bring on the Bangs

Not only is a sew-in complimentary with Mayvenn, it’s also a fabulous way to support your favorite stylist while going big with a brand new look. This style allows you to wear the bangs you’ve always wanted to try, without cutting or constantly heat styling your natural hair. Straight bundles are super versatile and can be worn sleek or curled for some extra body and bounce, like in this photo. Ask your stylist for a deep conditioning treatment before starting the install service to get an even more protective style bang for your buck!

All images courtesy of Mayvenn Hair