West side story is a timeless classic for the whole family to enjoy. Many fans are excited about the big comeback thanks to legendary film director, Steven Spielberg’s vision. We will be able to enjoy the newest version of the West Side Story classic movie just in time for the holidays.

The original film was released in 1961 and was so revolutionary. Many of Spielberg’s fans are gearing up to see what the new version of West Side Story will showcase.

This year’s version of West Side Story will run exclusively in theaters upon its release on December 10th.

Spielberg partnered with Netflix for his Amblin Partners company in 2021, so it remains unclear which streaming giant will ultimately own the rights to the 2021 West Side Story classic.

It was produced by 20th Century Films, a subsidiary of Disney. This means it could stream on any service owned by the House of Mouse, including Disney+ and Hulu, upon the end of its theatrical run, stay tuned.