Release me, we release together through a bond that tied us here together forever. Detaching a sacred hold of bountiful smiles up towards the heavens that one day we will commence our separation. Good things must come to an end, so I’ve heard. But the journey to  it was memorable leaving me with the possessive instinct to always be near. My dear, my love our hearts grew fonder this day. As we made peace with the decisions standing in still waters. Our bodies grew with motions at sea we soon begin to see why life could never be in its ease. Pacing back and forth the winds knocking down the barrier of what little words we cannot say. Making it harder each day for our return. The love we have had in the end will soon fade form the burns left onto heavy flesh. To hold you in my arms reminding you of the sweet nothings I couldn’t bare the first time. We soon become star crossed lovers caressing the shallowed fingertips holding firmly till it’s turned into eternity.