When you stop catering to narcissists, they start gaslighting you.

It does not matter who they are, family, friends, or coworkers. The narcissistic personality is everywhere. Narcissist never takes accountability for their behavior or actions because it is never their fault. If you ever catch them in the act, grab a bag of popcorn because they will put on a show. Many of them are liars, cheaters, and thieves. I would not be surprised if they were killers because they love destroying others. Why are you allowing narcissistic people in your life? If you do not have to be around them, block them and keep moving. Do not look back. Even when you think the narcissistic person in your life is gone, know they are somewhere stalking you and watching your every move, especially on social media. They want to see if what they said or did to you hurt you.

I learned long ago that a narcissistic personality enjoys hurting you by doing things that hurt them. Yes, I know it can be confusing dealing with this type of person, and the worst ones are in your family. They will tell you that no one loves them, a sad story to keep you in your head. They are always looking for help but are never grateful for the support they receive. You need to cut them off and out of your life forever. Narcissists love to gaslight others they have wronged. I have experience in dealing with narcissistic personalities in my family. I have more peace by keeping them out of my life; you would too.

One thing you should know about narcissistic personalities: they are insecure about their life and accomplishments. Because many narcissistic people have horrible relationships, they love to compete with others, knowing good and well they are no match for you, and their selfish behavior is on full display. Funny how when you do not give them what they want, they make you out to be the monster who has hurt them. They enjoy saying slick stuff to you, thinking you do not hear the hate. The narcissist wants you to suffer or get out of character because that’s what they would do, act mentally unstable. They always seem to forget past conversations, and they do not take things you say to assist them to heart. Do not let the narcissists fool you; they are cunning and deceitful in their movements. They will switch sides up on you quickly and befriend people you stop talking to. The best way to break away from a narcissistic personality is to cut them out of your life and anyone they are around. Keep them far away from you. Block them for peace of mind, and do not respond if they contact you. I love being silent. 

Refrain from getting caught up in the drama that narcissism brings to your door, even using others to keep up the drama on their behalf. Let the narcissists talk about you and befriend everyone who is no longer in your life if that makes them happy. You do not need them. By now, you should know that a narcissist only wants to be around you when it benefits them. Find out what they want from you and take it away, go silent, and block them out of your life. When you cut them off, forgive yourself for allowing such a person in your life for so long, and take time to heal. As you heal, the narcissist will try to get back into your life, but you must never trust them. Please keep your eyes open and stand firm in keeping them out of your life for good. I have put a lot of people out of my life for such reasons and have no problems telling someone goodbye.       

Photo by Caique Nascimento on Unsplash