Summer is just around the corner. Remember the good old days? When summer vacation meant weeks off of school when you could simply explore and play. You’d head to summer camp and learn new arts and crafts. By the end of the season, you’d have a whole new skill you couldn’t wait to share with your family when you got home.

Just because you’re grown up doesn’t mean this summer has to be any different. Sure, you won’t get two months off of work. But you can still use your weekends and vacation time to try something new and get in touch with your curiosity. You could sit outside with a paint-by-numbers kit and make a masterpiece or take your family to Texas for a once-in-a-lifetime fishing charter.

Whatever you decide to do, choose something out of the ordinary. Here are nine fun new hobbies to explore this summer to help you engage your curiosity and escape that rut.

1.   Learn To Make Your Candles Using Artizen’s Essential Oil Sets

Lighting a candle at the end of the long day can be a great way to relax and indulge in some much-needed aromatherapy. Why not learn how to make homemade scented candles this summer? You can use them in your home, gift them to friends and family members, and engage in a fun new hobby.

To make homemade fragrant candles, you’ll need the following:

  • Small glass jars, about 4 oz
  • Soy wax
  • Candy thermometer
  • Candle wicks
  • Essential oil sets from Artizen (2 tablespoons for every 4oz of melted wax)

Melt your wax in a double boiler. Let cool. Add two teaspoons of essential oils once the wax reaches about 185 degrees. Fahrenheit. If you use a container larger than 4oz, be sure to add additional essential oils. Gently stir to combine. Add your wick to your small glass jar or container and pour the mixture inside. Let cool completely, several hours to overnight, before lighting.

Find creative ways to make your candles your own. Try adding dried herbs or flowers into the wax to decorate your candles. Mix and match your favorite essential oil scents. Combine lemon eucalyptus oil with thyme to create a bright and herbal scent for the kitchen. You can trust the natural smell of the essential oil will come forward in your candles since Artizen oils are 100% undiluted.

2. Become Your Own Lash Tech With Lashify’s DIY Lash Extensions

Photo Source: Lashify

Give your lashes a makeover this summer! Lashify’s signature DIY lash extensions make it easy to become your own lash tech. Their Control Kit has everything you need to take your lashes from drab to fab. You’ll get two sets of natural-looking Gossamer lashes, their Whisper Light dual-sided bond, a Fuse Control Wand in either curve or petite, and the Glass Finishing Coat — all stored in an adorable black or white mirrored case.

While there is a bit of a learning curve to applying your lashes, Lashify believes you’ll be a pro after about three tries. They offer a variety of videos on their website to help you on your DIY lash extension journey. The Control Kit also includes samples of their cleansing products to help you remove your Gossamer lashes when the time comes.

Lashify’s kits are entirely customizable. Unlike strip lashes, Gossamer lashes give you more control over how they fan out around your eye. You can create a subtle fresh-faced look or add more volume and drama. Once you get the hang of DIY lash extensions, you can say goodbye to mascara for good.

3. Add Pepper Home’s Custom Curtains to Your Living Space

Photo Source: Pepper Home

Put your decorating skills to the test this summer. Have some fun revamping your living space, and try your hand at interior decorating. Find fun ways to add color and texture throughout your home. Choose rugs, curtains, throw blankets, and pillows that add pizazz and personality to every room.

Pepper Home offers chic custom curtains that allow you to play interior designer. They provide a wide array of fabrics, colors, and patterns that you can personalize to fit any room in your home perfectly. Pepper Home lets you choose from various rod pocket or grommet designs, with or without pleats — which will affect how your curtains will fall. Choose which curtains you prefer, and build from there to add your own flair.

Once you choose the width of the curtains, you input your own length allowing you to customize your curtains to fit your windows flawlessly. You can even add a touch of trim to really make the curtains your own.

4.   Indulge Your Inner Artist With Paint by Numbers Kits by Numeral Paint

Maybe you want to add some art to your walls this summer. Painting is a wonderful way to get your creative juices flowing and relax on a warm summer day. If you haven’t taken an art class since elementary school, sitting in front of a blank canvas may feel overwhelming. You want to let your inner artist play, but you have no idea what you’re doing.

Numeral Paint offers an enormous collection of paint-by-numbers kits. Their paint-by-numbers kits include everything you need to indulge your inner artist this summer: all the paints you need, three brushes of varying sizes, a numbered canvas, and a hanging kit to display your finished piece. You’ll feel like Van Gogh painting stunning florals or Picasso envisioning a world of unlimited color.

You can choose from hundreds of fun images or have them create a custom paint-by-numbers kit using one of your photos. Simply upload one of your photos on Numeral Paint, and they’ll turn your family portrait or pet photo into a numbered canvas for you to paint.

5.   Go on a Fishing Expedition With the Pros on One of Captain Experiences’ Epic Adventures

Fishing is one of the oldest summer hobbies out there. There is nothing quite like heading to the lake, river, or ocean and spending the day in quiet contemplation while you wait for fish to bite. Fishing gives you a chance to slow down and reconnect with nature in a deep and meaningful way.

Whether you’re an experienced fisherman or just starting out, Captain Experiences offers epic fishing adventures the whole family can enjoy. You can even use fishing as an opportunity to explore the world! Head out into the open waters on one of Captain Experiences’ Galveston fishing charters to catch a giant tuna or an elusive blue marlin.

If you are new to the wide world of fishing, your guide will help teach you everything you need to know to make a catch. They know all the secret places where the fish bite and can offer tips and tricks to ensure you get your photo holding up a giant fish.

6.   Stir Up Sensational Cocktails With a Mixology Kit by The Mixologer

Summer is the season to socialize. The warm weather creates the best vibes for long nights spent laughing with friends. Stir up creative cocktails to wow your friends! Become the life of the party this summer by learning the subtle art of mixology.

The Mixologer offers a wide variety of mixology kits to help you get started. Start simple with their Aperol Spritz and French 75 box. It includes all the necessary ingredients, from Champagne and Aperol to garnishes, to mix up these classic cocktails. Sparkling wine cocktails are the ideal refreshment on hot summer afternoons.

Once you’re ready to advance, their Master Mixology set includes a Max Infusion Cocktail Smoker. This kit contains the recipes and ingredients for three signature cocktails, a Smoked Velvet Manhattan, a Smoked Old Fashioned, and a Smoked Mangondana Margarita. Use this to add aroma and complexity using cherry, apple, and maple wood chips to your fabulous beverages.

7.   Get Creative Behind the Bar and in the Kitchen With a Mueller Hand Blender

Photo Source: Mueller

If you’re sitting by the pool all day, you may be craving a frozen beverage to help you fight the heat. You can put your new mixology skills to the test and use Mueller’s hand blender to mix up the daiquiris and pina coladas of your dreams. The nine powerful speeds will ensure you get a smooth, refreshing, frozen cocktail every time.

Plus, you can use Mueller’s hand blender beyond the bar. It also comes with a whisk and milk frother attachment. Effortlessly blend your protein powder after a challenging summer workout or froth up a bit of oat milk for your morning cappuccino. Use the whisk to quickly whip up pancakes or throw together a breakfast frittata.

The Mueller hand blender makes it easy to blend any smoothies, soups, or salad dressings without needing to throw your ingredients into a blender. You can place the hand blender directly into your bowl or cup and watch it effortlessly bring your ingredients together.

8. Let The IV Doc Help You Recharge From the Summer Fun From the Comfort of Your Home

Photo Source: Adobe Stock

Sipping cocktails all day is the ideal way to spend a hot summer afternoon. Unfortunately, you may wake up the following morning with a bit of a hangover. Don’t let fear of pesky hangovers keep you from enjoying every moment this fabulous season offers.

Rather than waste a day suffering from a headache or nausea, book at-home IV therapy with The IV Doc. They’ll bring the doctor to you and hook you up to the IV treatment you need to feel like yourself again. Their Hangover Relief treatment includes the essential vitamins, hydration, and medication you need to feel better fast.

Since IV therapy works intravenously, you don’t have to wait for your body to slowly absorb the medication or vitamins through your digestive system. Your treatment will be absorbed quickly and efficiently with IV therapy. The IV Doc can help with more than just a bad hangover. They offer IV therapy for allergies, migraines, menstrual pain, and stomach bugs. Next time you feel under the weather, consult with one of their telehealth doctors to see if one of their IV therapy treatments could help you get back on your feet.

9.   Use 10PM Curfew’s Network of Female Led Brands and Influencers To Become a Content Creator

Why not capitalize on all your summer fun and become a content creator? Let your followers watch as you learn a new skill this summer. Social media can be an excellent tool to help you build a broader community of others just like you. 10PM Curfew can help you connect with other female influencers and brands that specialize in beauty, lifestyle, and fashion.

They work with influencers with followings of any size to help them leverage their social media into paid brand partnerships. Their channels reach an audience of over 2 billion people between TikTok, Instagram, and Snap Chat. Get in touch with 10PM Curfew, share the handle of your social media platform of choice, and a brief message about the content you produce.

Let yourself have fun with your social media this summer! Film fun videos as you become a master mixologist. Post a review of the DIY lash extensions you tried. Build your following with a spirit of authenticity and create from a place of joy.

Find New Ways To Have Fun This Summer

Don’t let this summer pass you by. Use your free time to try out new hobbies and find new ways to enjoy your days. Whether you try DIY lash extensions and become one of 10PM Curfew’s beauty influencers or simply learn to mix delicious cocktails for your friends — learning a new hobby allows you to reinvent the wheel.

We hope you have the best summer ever and find yourself in the process. You don’t have to stay stuck in the same rut, doing the same things day after day. Invest in yourself this summer! What fun new hobby are you excited to try?