It is a rather typical thing when people have a big wardrobe but usually wear only a couple of items, mainly a hoodie, joggers, and sneakers, feeling really comfortable. But we have to accept that there are different occasions where such a look can be inappropriate. You can consider yourself to be lucky if you are stylish by nature, and it’s easy for you to pick out different outfits depending on the place you go and the event you are attending. But just in case, if you are a typical student that all their life was listening to parents when choosing what to wear when it was about official events, then this article is for you. We really expect it to be helpful and that thanks to it fewer problems will occur.  

Formal events

Let’s start with the trickiest thing. Formal events are, at the same time, quite easy and super difficult. In most cases, if we are talking about some religious ceremonies that are considered to be formal events, we all know perfectly what to wear, as we have visited a lot of them and we know that shorts and tops don’t work; that it’s better to wear some white, or pastel dress maybe for a floral pattern for girls and a suit or just pants and shirt for boys. The difficult thing is that sometimes a particular dress code is required, and the first challenge will be to find out what it means. There are different types of dress codes, and it’s important to understand the difference. The good thing is that nowadays, with the help of the Internet, any student can find the answer to any question they have. You need to know how to get ready for an exam, then open and read all the hints and advice that will help you to do everything that is required from you. If you don’t understand what is better to wear when you are invited to a Black-Tie wedding or to some Fundraising party, you can Google it, and your outfit will look great. 

Black-Tie dress code event 

The perfect choice for such events will be tuxedos and gowns (floor-length preferably; shimmery fabrics are acceptable on such occasions). Accessories such as a clutch or small handbag, party heels, and statement jewelry are required. Don’t forget about the makeup and hair; it should be done. 

Cocktail dress code event 

It can be a wedding or a cocktail party, and actually a lot of other occasions as well. If you are not sure what kind of dress code there is, you should once again check the invitation. And the title of the cocktail dress code speaks for itself. If you choose la petite robe noir, or something more of a pastel tone, it can’t be wrong. Don’t be afraid to use a bit bolder makeup; you can highlight both eyes and lips and, of course, wear heels. If you are worried that your outfit will be inappropriate, it is highly recommended to read reviews. Don’t be surprised; reviews can be helpful not only when you’re studying. Let’s imagine that you need to use a writing service and notice that reported recently that the one you were thinking about is not reliable. For sure, you are not going to use their services. And now, imagine that you are not sure whether your dress is suitable for some particular occasion. In such cases, you can just read the reviews about last year’s party or event; you can check the pics and read who received the most shoutout for their outfit. After that, you only have to compare, and the problem will be solved. 

Casual dress code events 

While still in college or at university, students, in most cases, will visit events without any dress code or with a casual one. It gives you freedom of choice, but it also doesn’t mean that you can wear whatever you want. It will depend on your common sense because the events or parties can be held in different places. For example, if you are invited to a beach party, it’s not the most logical thing to put on jeans and shirts. It will be uncomfortable, considering the activities and the fact that you will not sit the whole time steadily near the bar. People like playing volleyball, Frisby, swimming or even surfing. So, if you are invited to a student beach party, just put on a pair of shorts and a T-shirt and enjoy your time. 

At the same time, if you are thinking about the outfit for your graduation. It’s better to make another choice. Of course, no one requires you to wear a tuxedo with a white bow or gown that will look nice on the red carpet of the Oscar, but if your wear a simple dress or jeans with a casual shirt, it will look nice, everyone, including your parents, will appreciate your sense of style.