Stylist, Erie LaRen proudly representing Brooklyn, New York says that fashion is her passion and has been embedded in her since a very young age. Her unique fashion approach grew from her struggle to find clothing for her body type, so she began to design her own clothing at the age of 13. She has now been in the fashion industry for more than a decade and finds helping curvy and plus-sized women to not only be her niche, but a necessity.

SHEEN had the opportunity to shine light on Body by LaRen creator, Erie LaRen.

Tell me about yourself and your life as a notable stylist, and how you got your start?

Well, my parents were both very big in fashion and the two things that were the most important in my household were education, first, and then fashion. Even as a little kid, there are pictures of me dressed to the nines from head to toe, and I would be carrying a purse bigger than I was – but my look was always together. Even today, with my mom at her age, has to have her entire ensemble together before she leaves the house. Fashion has kind of been embedded in me. As time passed, I found that my friends would call me to help them to put looks together for them, so I evolved into a stylist organically.


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