Math Hoffa sat down with the one and only Sukihana on Math’s “My Expert Opinion” show. In part one of this episode, she told her perspective about the online beef between her and rapper JT. 

She wanted to prove herself as an artist, so she rapped about her in the song “Cocaine.” Sukihana said she took out some of the jokes so people could hear her bars & take her music more seriously. Sukihana also made it clear that she doesn’t have anger or hate for JT. She didn’t want her to see this and feel disrespected. Sukihana states, “I don’t wanna sit here and laugh at her. It hurts me to talk about people.” 

In relation to rap beef, she stated that she’s proud of the Kendrick Lamar and Drake beef. She loves the competitive spirit and the consistency. She said it made a big moment in hip-hop and bought a masculine vibe she likes.

Math Hoffa talked to Sukihana about her journey as an independent artist since “Cocaine” was trending on iTunes. She stated her faith in her independent journey and said, “I don’t have a machine behind me, but I’m always trending.”

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Photo Credit: Math Hoffa