Author, Toni Settles, is a woman of many talents.  From successfully publishing books to consulting other authors; she has recently embarked to expand literature access.  Toni has created the Well Read Child Book Fair.  “The Well Read Child Book Fair is an initiative to get diverse children’s books in the hands of students in the Washington, D.C. metro area and beyond,” reports Toni Settles.  For years schools have partnered with mainstream entities that may not offer diverse content with minority book characters or authors.  Well Toni is here to put a stop to that stigma.

photo obtained on the official website of Toni R. Settles

She is effectively creating a voice for not only youth readers but indie authors of color.  “When I founded The Well Read Child Book Fairs, I wanted to create a platform for authors like myself to get their books in the hands of elementary students,” replies Settles.  The WRCBF is vital to communities of color.  It helps to promote a positive sense of self in a healthy yet educational manner.  The WRCBF is also vital to local elementary schools.  A portion of the book fair proceeds are donated to the host elementary school of the fair.  This venture is truly circulating The Black Dollar back into schools and communities of color. 

Donating the funds back to the host elementary school allows them to fund other literary needs or expenses.  The Well Read Child Book Fair is creating a household name that will soon reach schools all over.   It brings back the joy in reading for kids of all ages.  Toni Settles is definitely a boss millennial who is expanding her voice in literature.  Toni thrives on her vision that “every child deserves to see themselves in the books that they read.”

Despite our current pandemic, the WRCBF has created an online book store.  Since schools are closed there haven’t been any book fairs.  However, Toni Settles made the successful pivot to continue providing award winning literature to youth via online shopping.  To learn more about the fair or to host an event at your school, please click here! Connect with Toni Settles on Facebook & Instagram.

Writer, C. Scott, is a mother of one; author, social worker, early literacy interventionist and entrepreneur.

Featured Image obtained on the official website of Toni R. Settles