Clean, active, effortless. The motto that precisely describes skincare brand, Pursuit Beauty.

Co-founded with the globally renowned, professional surf athlete (and busy mom) Alana Blanchard, Pursuit Beauty was created with the mission to make sun and skin protection effortless. Alana is constantly in the sun and water, so creating a line of products that are tenacious, simple, and travel-friendly was a huge priority. As a new player in the skin care game, Pursuit Beauty is a one-stop-shop for hydrating and signature SPF-driven essentials formulated to achieve more protection and benefits in fewer products.

Made in the USA, the brand offers a full line of vegan, non-gmo, reef friendly, paraben-free, gluten-free, and sulfate-free formulas rich in antioxidants. With products that are safe for both our bodies and our earth, all of Pursuit Beauty’s tubes, jars, and sticks are made with 30% recycled materials, while the outer packaging is made from 100% recycled cardboard. Pursuit Beauty made its debut in June, and we tried (and still use) products from their easy skincare routine: “The Daily Pursuit.” All of the SPF products are lightweight, non-greasy, and don’t leave a white or pasty cast on the skin.

Although having melanin helps reduce the chances of sunburn for a lot of us, when it comes to long-term skin health, sunscreen is very much needed. Darker complexions are not immune to sun-induced damage, and having sunscreen in the routine can save the skin from premature wrinkling, discoloration, and cancer. Whether you’re headed to then each or running errands, Pursuit Beauty offers inclusive and nourishing skin care that is optimized for an active, on-the-go lifestyle.

Many of us have been longing to find the perfect sunscreen, and the Hang 40 SPF 40 Face Sunscreen Gel might be the very product that actually gets you to wear SPF. This sunscreen gel is not your typical “gel” that leaves a cold and sticky texture after drying. Hang 40 is more like a melted Vaseline, without the shine. I have to admit, a sunscreen that dries quickly and smoothes on like a moisturizer, is just what I needed in my routine. The formula is 100% clear and the amount of time it takes to absorb is unreal. The gel instantly blends into the skin providing UV protection and a smooth, matte finish. Hang 40 can be used alone or as a primer for makeup, and it leaves the skin feeling silky smooth. The sunscreen gel fits seamlessly into my skincare and makeup routine, and it allows for an easy makeup application. To use, I first apply a serum (typically a Vitamin C serum), and directly follow with the Hang 40 Sunscreen Gel. Lastly, I apply a moisturizer, then follow up with my usual makeup routine.

Like the Sunscreen Gel, the Body Surf Daily SPF 40 Body Sunscreen is a creamy formula that absorbs so easily into the skin, and doesn’t leave a white cast. With Aloe Vera on its ingredient list, this body sunscreen soothes dry skin and is ultra-hydrating. Reapply throughout the day if needed!

The Golden Hour Hydrating Glow Serum Stick is a highlighter that you can feel good about wearing. Packed with nourishing plant-derived oils, this hydrating glow serum stick gives you soft skin and an instant, dewy glow with the ease of a compact, touchless stick. Golden Hour is infused with Fatty Acids and a Superfood Oil Blend that is vitamin and nutrient-rich. This blend consists of camellia seed, acai fruit and sacha inchi oils that deeply nourish the skin, and give us that non-greasy glow. Jojoba Oil is also a key ingredient, which is a lightweight, liquid wax
that seals in moisture without clogging the pores. After applying moisturizer, I like to swipe the glow serum stick on my cheekbones, temples, and the bridge of my nose for a natural, glowy look. There’s a slight golden tint and the formula is buildable which is great for those of us who can never have too much radiance. To use, swipe all over the face or apply to the high points on your face.

I’ve also been using the Clean Wave Daily Exfoliating Face Cleanser in both of my morning and night routines. And honestly, this exfoliating cleanser does it all. Clean Wave is a gentle cleanser that removes makeup, dirt, and sunscreen without dehydrating or stripping the skin. The cleanser reveals a clean and balanced complexion, and leaves the skin feeling soft and supple. The anti-aging and brightening ingredient, Rice Powder, gently buffs away dull skin to reveal a bright, smooth tone while reducing UV damage. To use, I wet my face and massage
about a quarter-sized dollop of the cleanser onto my skin. Then, I rinse and pat dry. At night, I follow up with the Locked In Overnight Moisturizer!

One of my favorites from the latest collection is the Locked In Overnight Moisturizer. I’m a huge fan of rich creams, and this moisturizer is definitely one that my skin loves. Made with Hyaluronic Acid, Plant-Derived Squalane, and Shea Butter, you’ll wake up to radiant and plump skin. The overnight cream was designed to retain moisture and maintain a healthy skin barrier, keeping your skin hydrated and glowing. To use, I apply a generous amount to my cleaned face and neck before bed. My nightly routine is typically pretty minimal; however, if you have a multiple-step nightly skincare regimen, the Locked In Overnight Moisturizer should be the last step.

If you’ve been having trouble finding a sunscreen that you can consistently and confidently wear, Pursuit Beauty has sun care products that are worth giving a try. The brand has earned my stamp of approval, and what I love most about their clean and simple products is that they’re affordable and inclusive to all skin types and tones. To shop or learn more about Pursuit Beauty, visit