This summer, make the sun your spotlight while wearing the most fashionable shades. Our article on modern sunglasses for men already highlighted the best sunnies for guys this year, including the classic Aviator sunglasses, the Browline, and the Wayfarer. Now, it’s the ladies’ turn.

Read on to browse some beautiful eyewear designs and discover the sunglasses trends in women’s fashion you won’t want to miss out on this 2023.

Tortoiseshell sunglasses



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The bright patterns of the tortoiseshell have captivated humans for years, and their debut in eyewear might have been as far back as the middle ages. Don’t worry about the animals, though—today’s tortoiseshell sunglasses are cruelty-free. Its design is versatile enough to don at the beach or lend a subtle quirkiness to formal occasions. With its popularity, designer sunglasses brands like Maui Jim, Ray-Ban, and Burberry, are getting in on the trend, offering their variety of classic, retro, and sporty frames in eye-catching tortoiseshell. Choose these sunglasses if you want stylish eyewear you can use at any summer event.

Sports sunglasses



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Sports sunglasses aren’t the typical model you see at the park or parties with their bright, vibrant lenses and frames that wrap around your head. Yet evidence suggests that they’re actually the first iteration of sunglasses, with hunters prioritizing the need for protective eyewear as functional aids. Today, amateur and professional athletes alike wear these shades for their various benefits, like their secure fit, and capability to shield users from UV rays, glare, and injury—with the activewear brand Oakley being particularly beloved for its stellar eyewear technology. With the rise of athleisure this summer, even more people are embracing these shades’ sporty, distinctive designs for everyday use. Choose these sunnies if you want a pair that provides both function and fashion.

Y2K sunglasses



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The trends of the early 2000s never truly leave the zeitgeist, and the popularity of Y2K sunglasses proves it. With their chunky frames and often colorful lenses, wearers of these shades like to make bold fashion statements—including Bella Hadid in a recent, casual stroll around Paris, where she was seen wearing Y2K sunglasses structured with slanted lenses and topped off with bejeweled peace signs. The turn of the millennium still offers a style distinct and bold, and if you’re feeling nostalgic, these are the pair you’ll want to put on for your next pool party.

Goggle sunglasses


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The last time you saw this design might’ve been in your high school science lab to keep any chemicals splashing into your eyes. This summer, you can use an outlandish and in-vogue version when you’re out and about, leveraging a pair from UO Urban or Bomber Eyewear to cover your eyes with vibrant, prism-like lenses. If you want to spend the summer doing DIY science experiments or want a pair of sunnies that stand out, these are the sunglasses for you.

Fun-shaped sunglasses



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This summer calls for people to break the rules. Squarish or roundish sunglasses are the chic and classic norm—however, sometimes you want your eyewear to be a little more playful. So, why not wear lenses with a different shape? They’re actually easier to find than you think. Many popular brands are answering consumer demand, including the Unrivaled Brand’s star-shaped frames and Mardi Gras Outlet’s metallic glitter crown frames. Some influencers even utilize heart-shaped sunglasses as symbols of feminity and empowerment. Wear these novelty sunglasses to add some whimsy to your summer.

The sunglasses trends of summer 2023 look like they are leaning into bold and beautiful aesthetics, and if that entices you, go ahead and embrace it. Try one of the above styles to sport this year’s trendiest looks.