Hold on to your stethoscopes, because this season of ‘Married to Medicine’ is serving up drama hotter than a summer day in Atlanta. We caught up with the newest addition to the cast, the freshly wedded and unapologetically candid Sweet Tea, and let’s just say, she had some piping hot tea to spill.

Sweet Tea dished on the rocky start to her friendship with Dr. Heavenly, revealing that things went from sweet to shady real quick. According to Sweet Tea, they were cool at first, but as soon as the cameras started rolling, Dr. Heavenly unleashed a storm of shade. Rumor has it that Dr. Heavenly’s own relationship struggles might be the reason for her shade-throwing escapades.

Sweet Tea spilled the tea on how Dr. Heavenly loves to dissect everyone else’s relationships but keeps hers under lock and key. It turns out, Sweet Tea might’ve spilled a bit too much about her own love life, and now she’s regretting it. Lesson learned: Never spill your relationship tea to Dr. Heavenly unless you’re ready for a monsoon of messiness.

Hold onto your wigs, because Sweet Tea claims that Dr. Heavenly is the puppet master behind the drama, whispering into ears and orchestrating storylines. According to Sweet Tea, Dr. Heavenly spilled the tea that Quad needs a storyline to stay relevant and maintain her lifestyle. Sweet Tea insists she has no issue with Quad, but being thrown under the bus? That’s a different story.
When the ladies started throwing shade about Sweet Tea’s body, she didn’t flinch. Instead, she’s using her platform to empower women. In the face of potential surgery suggestions, Sweet Tea stands firm, declaring that natural is beautiful. She wants to show the world that confidence isn’t measured by a surgeon’s scalpel, and yes, she’s got a man who agrees.

Sweet Tea spilled the final cup of tea about her decision to step into the spotlight with her husband Greg. It’s been eye-opening, to say the least, but they’re in it together. The question now is, will the drama simmer down, or are we in for a season-long tea party?

If you thought ‘Married to Medicine’ was just about stethoscopes and medical jargon, think again. Sweet Tea has officially made her mark, and the drama is just getting started. Pour yourself a cuppa and get ready for a rollercoaster ride of shade, drama, and unfiltered realness.


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