Some people want attention and money so badly they will tell you anything to get it. 

There is no sensitive way of saying or even approaching this topic, but I am going to address it. Sympathy seekers are scammers and they love living off others. They live their lives studying, watching, and paying close attention to what affects you and those around you in order to get you to assist them in their “time of need”. The Sympathy Seeker is one of my least favorite people in the world. Their job is to work you over for whatever they can get out of you . . . and I do mean whatever, be it your time, attention, or a jackpot of money from folks feeling sorry for them. The sad part is a sympathy seeker does not care about you or whether you are giving them your last. They have a job to complete  by making you feel sorry/sad for them because something tragic is happening or about to happen to them. You thought that loved one or friend was really going through a difficult time in their life? Nope, but if it gives them your attention and money, they are going to keep on coming up with heartbreaking stories that moves you over and over again.

Haven’t you noticed it yet?  Something is always going wrong in their life and you are just the person they love talking to about it. It’s always something—be it tragedy, loss, illness, or a possible terminal diagnosis.  Sympathy seekers are so desperate to see how much they can get out of you that it is almost a shameless game they play—one that they tell themselves they will stop, but the rewards are too darn good to pass up. Maybe they will stop scamming you out of your time and money one day, but you have too much and you can afford it. Not to mention they have been struggling and dealing with issues that they have created for themselves. Seeing you stress free and happy or just living life gets them wanting more—more of what they do not have but .you have.

How about those sympathy seekers who after hearing about someone’s death, conjure up a heartbreaking story of their own where they or their child are ill, if not on the brink of death, and have only so long to live. Doesn’t that just make you want to squinch all the drama you had with them and run to their aid in their time of need? Exactly, that is what they are hoping and praying you do. The more negative and tragic the news, the more they are seeking to score big in charity and support .. . . even if what they say is a lie. Funny how they tell one person who knows you in the family with the disclaimer of “don’t tell anyone else, I am only telling you.” This is to make it more believable.

This crying wolf behavior can only go on for so long. When something is really going on, you cannot believe them, especially if they told you that they only have three months to a year to live because they have cancer  . .. . two decades ago; everyone forgot they said this but you. Do not fall for the sympathy seeker’s games no matter who they are in the family. It is a trick to get into your head and dig deep in your pockets to pay their bills.

A sympathy seeker knows who they can play to get what they want and who they cannot. The same people fall for their tricks every time. They are not ashamed of their behavior or how they are using tragedy, or the sky is falling on them tactic, to get money out of you. It is your responsibility to say no, especially if you know this person acts as if they have the worst luck on earth because everything is happening to them. It is sad and unfortunate that people you love and trust are plotting how to steal from you every day. Every time you assist a sympathy seeker, it is not enough and only fuels them to want more—more of your time, money through manufactured hurt, pain, heartbreak, loss, death or illness even if these things are happening to someone. They will tell people around them what is happening to them knowing you do not know the truth. If you helped them in the past, they will try to make you feel guilty if you choose to not help again..

Here is how a sympathy seeker gets what they want from you.

  1. They make you feel as if they are only confiding their secret in you .
  2. They want you to feel as if life or some evil force is always targeting them.
  3. They want you to feel sorry for them and believe that nothing is working in their life and everyone is against them.
  4. They want you to feel sad or guilty that life not working out for them.
  5. They seem to always have a life-threatening diagnosis that gives them a few months to years to live. Of course, it is just long enough to collect assistance from you.
  6. They lost their job, have no money, or are about to be put out on the streets because they are ill.

If someone around you has recently died or was diagnosed with cancer give it some time and I bet you the sympathy seeker will be back with a similar if not worse diagnosis. Heartless these people are; they want you to care because the more you care the more you give and want to help. They will steal a negative spotlight quickly if they know it will profit them in getting more out of you.

Now you see why I do not like these people, no matter who they are. I stay far away from them as should you. They will never change; they are out to hustle you every chance they get. Do I feel sorry for them? No, they know what they are doing and who they are doing this to. Wake up and stop allowing people to manipulate you into taking care of them. Oh, and when the time passes where they were given only so long to live, they will say it was a miracle. They will praise the powers that be for this miracle . . . until the sky falls again in their life bringing a new opportunity to hustle something else from you.