T. Rozie is a force to reckon with. The multi-talented artist was born in Atlanta GA to professional dance choreographer and entrepreneur Tamara Whithead, the sister of the late WWF Wrestler “Shad Gaspard”. Tamara is a celebrity choreographer and dance studio owner of “Tripple 7 Dance Studio”. She has instilled within her daughter a sense of professionalism that has not allowed her to stop pursuing her dreams since birth.
Rozie took naturally to dancing seemingly from her mother’s womb, creating a name for herself among the dance community at an early age. She has successfully mastered the art of dance with over 19 years of experience she has established her own production company which has been named after her great grandmother ” Lilly’s Vision Production”. One would consider her success to date as a goal- alongside being selected in 2014 as a “Disney World Performer” in Orlando, FL, and her dance role in 2019 in “Legally Blonde”, but the Tin Girl from the 2010 performance of The Wiz isn’t halfway done.
Rozie has developed a niche to marry her dancing along with her passion for R&B/Hip Hop which has paved a place for this thriving entertainer in the industry with undeniable charting on several of her new releases including SNL, TOXIC, and the now trending Tragic.  The artist has been very creative in pairing up her music with breathtaking videos and high-impact performances. Rozie’s current single “Tragic” has allowed her to descriptively become a voice for those who continuously seem to fall prey to relationships that cause more damage than good to the singer. T. Rozie alongside her Rose Gang has made an effort to assist young women her age to recognize bad relationships that often cause damage to her age group ultimately leading to deteriorating behavior and destructive mental issues.
T. Rozie is a force and her track record has proven that she is defiantly here to stay and to continue to be a voice for those who seek to find their own in this world of change and young love heartbreak.