Grammy-nominated artist and Def Jam’s R&B sensation, TA Thomas. The R&B star is back and ready to set 2024 ablaze with the release of his new heartfelt single, “RISKY,” released this Wednesday, June 19th.

In this musical masterpiece, TA Thomas delves into the beauty that comes with risking one’s heart for love. Through soul-stirring lyrics like “Loving is easy so give it a try. We all got scars. It’s beauty in risking it all with me,” TA’s message is heard and felt. Alongside the music, TA complements the song with a visual drawing listeners in with an intimate yet intense moment between two lovers. This fresh release not only unveils a new dimension for TA Thomas, but it also invites fans and new listeners into a world of intimate connection and raw authenticity.

Hailing from Mississippi Delta, TA has already proven himself a force to be reckoned with. Over the years, the self-taught singer, songwriter has developed a reputation for his one-of-a-kind song covers and impassioned songwriting. In fact, the latter earned TA his first GRAMMY nomination in 2022, teaming up with his former bandmate – Tre’von Waters of NTD (Next Town Down) – to write “Talm’ Bout” for Chris Brown’s album, Breezy. Now, TA is poised to showcase his evolved musical style and make an even bigger impact on the musical scene.


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Photo Credit: The Forefront Group