Taco Bell is all about their business— and yours too with their new Business School! The educational program is in partnership with the University of Louisville. It aims to break down barriers while diversifying its franchise system, elevating restaurant leaders as entrepreneurs, and opening doors to franchise ownership.


The six-week Business Bootcamp will consist of top-performing restaurant industry leaders. Classes will provide accredited education and business and entrepreneurial skills training, from financing, growth, and development to marketing and HR.


Taco Bell comprehends the importance of fast-food jobs and intends on changing the fast-food worker narrative. “Through the Taco Bell Business School, we want to show our ambitious restaurant leaders how their careers could flourish at Taco Bell and see opportunities they may not have previously considered. We want to make foundational changes that positively impact our diverse team members’ growth,” Mark King, Taco Bell’s Chief Executive officer, stated.

“This program will teach them skills they need to climb the ladder – whether that’s moving up to the next level or even owning their own franchise one day.”


Taco Bell’s commitment to diversity will create a new standard in the fast-food industry. Participants will be given scholarships, and the first-class students will start the Bootcamp in February.


To learn more about Taco Bell’s Business School, visit their website.


Featured image courtesy of Taco Bell