“The opportunity to create something that empowered black people during a critical time in our culture has been monumental in a lifelong dream. My hope is that insecure fans will place this show among some of the greatest black shows ever created.”– Issa Rae

As fans around the world prepare to say their final goodbye to HBO’s hit series Insecure fans and media gathered in Los Angeles to pay their last respects to the cast of Insecure. Let’s be very clear from season one of Insecure, Issa Rae took us on a relatable journey on navigating through career changes, self-discovery, friendships and relationship. The show successfully took over the world on Sunday nights and each season left us wanting more. The show brought us characters that everyone could relate to from Issa Rae’s character who was candidly named (Issa) who was full of energy and black pride to Molly played by (Yvonne Orji) who was the career mavin and indecisive best friend to Tiffany played by (Amanda Seales) who was the bougie, got it all together friends to Kelly played by (Natasha Rothwell) who was the funny motherlike friend. Each character represented someone that each of us have in our friend group and each character has been able to grab black women’s attention everywhere and have us rooting for each of them to win. We caught up with Yvonne Orji on the carpet, she says, “Awwww what a journey man, what an absolute journey we have been on. We know that the fans are hurting but we as a cast who have filmed together for long days and nights for year, this is a sad occasion for us. While we knew that this day was coming, to actually be here and walk this final carpet for Insecure feels different. I believe we all are feeling it in different ways as each one of us is taking something special with us. My character Molly since season one was met with many challenges from trying to find a good man to trying to keep a relationship to trying to be a good friend, trying to be a listener, trying to understand myself trying to be a good lawyer. Molly was just all over the place and trust me when I say that fans never hesitated on social media so tell me how bad Molly was and how mad they would be at some of her choices, but the reality is that Molly represents so many people. Molly represents that black woman trying to have it all together while sometimes pretending to have it all together. And if we’re honest with ourselves every person has a little bit of Molly in them. Molly made going to therapy cool. When we introduced her going to her sessions to understand the patterns going on in her life, women started jumping into my inbox and telling me how helpful going to therapy has been for their lives. So, to know that I could help black women in that capacity by just playing a character was helpful to me.”

Season four left fans anticipating and hanging in the balance with the reuniting of Issa and her former boyfriend Lawrence played by (Jay Ellis). Fan were met with mixed emotions during the season even up to the season finale, Ellis says, “Lawrence was a character! and he was a character that I really enjoy playing. Like I really could relate to him in so many ways. There would be times when I would be like this is really something that I’m going through or have been through. That’s the thing that I will miss the most about our writing team, they knew how to make you feel the moment. Like everyone else Lawrence took you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions. There were moments when you were mad at him for making stupid decisions and moments when you were happy for him when he made great. Decisions. Fan were certainly livid when Lawrence got with Condola, it was like they were sitting in the writer’s room reading the full script (laughs). They held no punches when she announced that she was pregnant, and they won’t let me forget it (laughs).”

The first episode of the season five finale season opened up with the college reunion at their alma mater, Stanford University. The cast members took a journey through their old stomping grounds on the campus reminiscing old times, reigniting old flames and being robbed by a former classmate who was envious of their current success and lifestyle. Even though fans anticipated the very first episode it was met with a little bit of backlash. Tiffany played by Amanda Seales portrayed her character who was also a member of the divine nine organization Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority incorporated, some fans and real members of the organization were taken aback due to the real paraphernalia warn buy a non-official greek member of the organization and deemed it disrespectful and even distasteful. Seales took to social media to clear her name, “I would be honored to be a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha, but I simply am not. When I am Tiffany, I wear the letters with pride and regard and respect for those who did cross the burning sands.”

As we say goodbye to this cast, we also say goodbye to yet another great black show that celebrated us and embraced our culture. May insecure forever live in our hearts.