Whether it is the heart-crushing disappointment of watching your team lose in the final moments of a big game, burnout from late-night study hours, life in general or feeling the physical exhaustion from going out the night before, Pizza Hut is here to help when you feel like you’re “on the struggle bus” by delivering a respite in the form of an actual bus.

This spring, Pizza Hut’s bus, the antidote to that feeling of being on “the struggle bus” – a term popularized by Gen Z and Millennials to humorously refer to dealing with difficult or frustrating tasks and challenges in their life at the moment – will begin a month-long tour starting with a debut at the NCAA Men’s Basketball Final Four® in New Orleans on Saturday, April 2nd through Sunday, April 3rd to give fans a spot to refuel, take a time out from cheering on their teams and partying in the Big Easy. During each stop, the bus will offer lounge areas, beds for power napping, soothing videos, interactive selfie experiences and of course, plenty of Pizza Hut pizza.

Next, the bus will pull up to Athens, GA on Thursday, April 28th and Friday, April 29th to meet up with local college students in the throes of cramming for upcoming exams. Those in need of a study break will have the opportunity to chill out on the bus, eat pizza and hang with Betches co-founder Jordana Abraham and comedian Jared Freid, co-hosts of U UP?,” the hit modern dating podcast from Betches.

On Thursday, April 28th, Jared and Jordana will record a special episode of the podcast, from the struggle bus, dedicated to the struggles of dating – everything from “red flags” to deal breakers and the most awkward encounters. During the recording, listeners can call the U UP? “HUT-line” to share their stories for the chance to be featured on the episode with Jared and Jordana weighing in.

“Since Pizza Hut has always been a favorite comfort food, we jumped at the opportunity to bring this trending sentiment to life,” says Lindsay Morgan, Chief Marketing Officer, Pizza Hut. “This bus caters to those ‘on their own struggle bus’ and we are thrilled to partner with the hilarious Betches “U UP?” podcast hosts to help consumers find humor in everyday struggles while providing a break from it all, and of course delicious pizzas.”


Pizza Hut’s Cure For the Common Struggle Bus Schedule:


April 2-3

NCAA Men’s Basketball Final Four® New Orleans, LA
April 28-29 Exam Week Prep in Athens, GA Athens, GA



Social media users can follow the bus, Pizza Hut’s antidote to the daily struggle, as it tours the southeast on @pizzahut on IG, Twitter and TikTok and #PizzaHutStruggleBus.