Musical Artist Jamar Langley of The Voice 2023 – Talks Musical Discipline, Arts within Our Schools, & A Chance Influence.

Within the first few notes of The Blind Audition, Musical Artist Jamar Langley convinced the audience to “Try Me.” Singing a beautiful soulful rendition of the late James Brown’s classic, Coaches Blake Shelton and Chance The Rapper vied for him. Choosing the latter, shy guy Langley displayed to Chance (and the world) that this woken his inner beast thru dazzling voice and instrument play.

THE VOICE — “The Playoffs Premiere” Episode 2313 — Pictured: Jamar Langley — (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

This Andrew, South Carolina native, is not a novice in anything music. From writing a composure, teaching how to strike perfect harmony, or producing a song, Langley’s skills development started at an early age. His father played guitar, and his mom’s singing surrounded his childhood. Almost every musical genre was played throughout his home. In a family of 10, there was always a breakout chorus session. Sometimes, being the youngest, one can lack discipline and focus regarding education or future aspirations. That was not Langley’s case at all. Participating in Chorus Corral, Jazz Band, and Choir from 7th grade to high school junior, he cultivated a work ethic with strict discipline (even now). He knew that music was in his bloodline. Even being a great three-sport athlete (basketball, soccer, track), musical discipline was prominent. This discipline forces one to learn beautiful sounds by practicing with strict focus. As a well-versed professional with bass/electric/acoustic guitars, keyboards, trumpets, and drums, he had always sustained, gainful work as a full-time employed musician. Langley credits learning everything possible about music development in school.
Intertwining his musical passion, he is a strong advocate for Arts in School. While one tends to speak about education as the majority as book learning, creative minds tend to be lost or led astray (in the conversation). His Arts experiences kept him not only out of trouble but reinforced constant creativity waves. In a small town with a population of less than 3000 and 2.2 square miles, Arts (music) contained a structured escape. Previously before The Voice debut, he released two singles in 2022 — ‘So Beautiful’ and ‘Believe Again’ and has an Ep, ‘Holidays with Jamar Langley.’ The Blind Audition is just another successful layer on his musical cake.

THE VOICE — “The Knockouts Part 2” Episode 2312 — Pictured: Jamar Langley — (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

With a disappointing yet surprising elimination, Chance The Rapper had nothing but praise for Langley. Working with him, Langley stated getting his feedback and support was priceless. Still a sponge with learning, Chance dropped various gems and advice to continue shaping Langley. After a battle round performance, Chance said he was a “seasoned artist” and “ready right now.” Being ready was never an issue for Langley at all. Once, he stepped on that stage, displaying his Voice to millions, not just to try but succeed.
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Photo Credit: Tyler Golden/NBC