Interview Pt. 1:

Interview Pt. 2:


On a recent episode of Math Hoffa’s “My Expert Opinion” show, Math and his crew sat down with the Brooklyn emcee known as Talib Kweli. After acknowledging the New York Knicks playoff success and cracking jokes about Ja Rule, the crew got into the issues between Talib and Aye Verb.

In part one of the interview, Talib stated he didn’t know who Aye Verb was until Matt Hoffa’s show. When Math asked Talib about where he is with Aye Verb now after a long interaction on X, Talib replied,  “I don’t have a relationship with him, I don’t have his contact info. Before he had my name in his mouth, I didn’t know anything about him.” Talib did acknowledge his success in battle rap and the optics of the past Aye Verb interview on “My Expert Opinion.” 

Math Hoffa responded to Verb’s criticisms about his platform by saying, “You shouldn’t spit on a blessing and right now, I feel like that’s what he’s doing.” Talib praised Math Hoffa for how he handled the situation like Joe Budden did when he dealt with past guests who tried to smear The Joe Budden Podcast platform after being a guest on the show.

In part two of the interview, Talib responded to how he was kicked off of social media in the past, additional Aye Verb claims, and Math Hoffa on several topics. Talib referenced how he made a negative post about Donald Trump in the Aye Verb interview, where one of Verb’s friends criticized him for the post. The friend said, “the left and right wings are on the same bird,” and further criticized Talib’s political views. Talib said Trump is a white supremacist and further expounded on how the issues were handled on social media. Talib said that Verb thinks he’s the “Kevin Samuels of the battle rap world. Like, he’s hypermasculine and will diss these women.”

Photo Credit: Math Hoffa