Tamara Taylor is the definition of a boss babe, someone who successfully built her own management company called Mastermind MGMT, working with some of Hollywood’s most influential image architects. Deemed the “certified deal closer,” Taylor has the ability to close out any deal, going as hard as possible for her elite roster to attain the top-tier benefits they deserve. 

The story goes: in 2013, Taylor was laid off from her corporate job. But after randomly meeting Law Roach on a flight back home to Chicago, Taylor’s life changed for the better. With the launch of Master MGMT, she’s able to provide services that shine a light and make room for underrepresented beauty and fashion professionals in the industry.

On Saturday, September 3rd, Taylor alongside Mastermind MGMT, threw an epic beauty and fashion brunch sponsored by Ghostbond, JADE, Lue, and Highway Vodka. The lavish affair, dubbed as 10 YEARS OF MASTERMIND, was held inside a gorgeous mansion in Los Angeles called Valley Villa. This event was in celebration of 10 years for the elite management company, best known for notable clientele such as Law Roach, Zerina Akers, and Kollin Carter.

The invite-only event proved to be the perfect soiree for this Labor Day Sunday, as Taylor graced the carpet with her family and friends. Sheen had the pleasure of speaking with Taylor about what this milestone means to her, her legacy, along with her nonprofit. 

What are you most excited for with this event? 

I’m excited to meet this milestone. From what I know, there aren’t many artist management companies, especially only operated by black women. Representing creative artists of color and to make this milestone after being dumped into this industry is a whirlwind for me. This is evidence of hard work, people believing in you and believing in yourself. I’m really excited to celebrate with my artists. 

Where do you see yourself and your legacy in the next 10 years? 

In the next few years, I definitely see expansion for Mastermind MGMT in other countries. We’ve already begun working in other countries, but I’m really looking forward to setting up entities there and replicating what we’ve done in the US. We’re also launching Mastermind Matters, which is our nonprofit 501(c)(3). In 10 years, I’m looking to be in about 20 schools in the US.

What is your nonprofit all about? 

It provides financial literacy resources to aspiring creative entrepreneurs, as well as practicing creative entrepreneurs. We want to let high school age aspiring creative artists know what it means to be an entrepreneur in this field, and help set them up from the high school level before they graduate and get into the workforce. 

Sponsors: Ghostbond, JADE, Lue and Highway Vodka

Photo credits: Don Baptiste & Christopher Marrs