Tamica Lee is excited as ever to be embarking on her new venture: host and matchmaker for Will Packer and OWN’s new dating show called Ready To Love: Make A Move. The first season airs on Fridays at 8pm ET/PT… and it trumps any other dating show out. 

As we near the end of the year, love is definitely in the air. And while many may resort to turning to dating apps to find their soulmate, Tamica Lee is here to match you with your soulmate in real life, in person, in her hometown of New Orleans. With her background and expertise, women on the show will receive advice on navigating new relationships, being vulnerable, sisterhood, and much more.

The self-proclaimed Queen of New Orleans states, “Everyone puts up their best representative on dating apps, which can make it hard to find real love. The best way to meet new partners is organically: in the grocery store, at church, at a stoplight, on vacation.”

Not only is Tamica a dating expert and relationship coach, but she’s also the star of Southern Charm New Orleans, as well as the recent anchor of Good Morning New Orleans. She’s also the co-founder of Son of a Saint, a charity she and her brother started to honor their late father.

Sheen spoke with Tamica Lee virtually to discuss the new show, 


What’re you most excited for with this upcoming season of Ready to Love: Make A Move

I’m excited for the new way we’re doing this finding love situation. These 4 ladies have been on their season of Ready to Love, these are the all-star fan favorites. They cut up on their season. They either didn’t find love or they found love and it didn’t work out, so this is their second chance at a reality show and trying to find love. They all moved to New Orleans. It’s a great city with great men, with a great matchmaker, and we can see what happens. That journey is going to be really fun to watch with these ladies. 

What’s the key to matchmaking? 

For me, the key to matchmaking is when I see it, I know it. I stand firm on that, and I know what I know. I don’t know how else this gift was given to me, but I’ve been very successful at it and I know what I know when I see it. Sometimes you have to question it, the girls question a lot. “Tamica, why you setting me up with this guy? What do you mean?” But it’s one of those things where I know what I know when I see it.

What sets us apart from other dating shows?

One, all the ladies move here. They’re living together here in the city. Literally every week, I’m bringing new men in. They have to figure out whether they’re going to keep the guy they’re dating, or go to this new guy. It’s a quick process, but that’s how dating is right? We don’t have the new social media app to swipe left and right. It’s a reality show, in person way of doing it. Let’s get right to it: either I like you or I don’t, and we’re moving on. So it’s a little different in that way. It’s a quick process, but it’s a really great way to find out what you want out of a relationship. 

And of course, besides myself. Just kidding. Most dating shows it’s been up to the people themselves to figure that out. There’s no one to manage the love. I’ve been there with them throughout this process to help them figure out that process. They didn’t show this a lot, I was there in the house. I’d go in the morning, sit down and have coffee with Ashley. Have tea with Shereese. I want to get to know them, what they really want out of love. They had a guidance, a person guiding them to find my love. 

How does this show highlight the positive activity of black dating? 

Oh my god, black love is amazing. I’ve been a successful married woman for 16 years to my beautiful husband, it’s great. It’s a journey of love. However it looks, it looks. Whenever it’s black love, it just makes sense. Representation is so important for my kids, for everyone else looking into it. It’s beautiful. It’s really beautiful. I love this journey to watch black love happen. It’s really fun to watch, I’ve never been in such a positive situation. You’ll see what happens, it’s a lot of drama involved. But at the end, everyone either found themselves or found love. That’s beautiful to me.

What is the key to a healthy relationship?

Communication, choosing each other, and staying true to you. Honestly. It sounds very vague, but it’s very hard. Those three things.

You’re a mom too, you have to balance work/life. How do you balance it all?

It’s funny because people think I do it flawlessly. I have a really great support system and I do it all the best I can. I do it 60%, 70%. I don’t do it 100%. I do everything at 60%, 70%. I need my partner to show up, I want my kids to show up. I need my work to show up. I need to be filled as well, so that way it looks flawless like I’m doing it all. But it’s not me. It’s really I have a whole big group around me, a village that helps me look great.

Anything else you want to let us know? 

Tune in, it’s a fun show. It’s great. Every episode gets better. As soon as you think you have it all figured out, nope you don’t. [laughs]


Photo Credits: Ready To Love: Make A Move