The life of Tammi ShyVonne Moore is one of sweet inspiration. She and her husband Sheldon have dominated the trucking industry and are literally changing their lives. She is also the author of, “Minding My Trucking Business” – a collaboration project highlighting other transportation industry experts who have overcome some of life’s most challenging obstacles.

What was the inspiration behind your trucking company?

Tammi: When my husband Sheldon was released from prison and tapped into the transportation industry and learned that he could make a substantial amount of money with a cargo van and a box truck was the greatest form of inspiration to us. Covid was a blessing and a curse. It was a curse because it was a very dark and challenging time across the world, however, the shutdown forced many people into entrepreneurship and we were blessed to be able to train mentor, and coach people on starting a cargo van or box truck company with no CDL required. One of the greatest rewards for me and Sheldon is when we hear a grown man or grown woman say thank you, you guys have changed my life. We are super blessed to have this platform.

Why is self-care important especially for women entrepreneurs?

Tammi: Entrepreneurship is not an easy task in fact it’s a very laborious one.
That’s why to me self care and self-care habits are paramount. They are like the pre-requisite to living a very holistic, healthy, and peaceful life. Self-care helps you to really tap into your well-being.

What would you say to someone looking to start a trucking or logistics company?

Tammi: The very first piece of advice that I give to anyone who is embarking on any career whether it’s Trucking or Logistics, etc…is to pray about it and seek GOD first.  What I know for sure is that all of us have been blessed with gifts and talents.  It’s up to us to identify those gifts and talents and to use them for the upbuilding of God’s Kingdom.   Niche it down, coach/ train other people in that area, and incorporate integrity and you will become a very successful entrepreneur.

As it relates to the trucking and Logistics industry my first piece of advice is to learn about the industry and understand its history and the trends of the transportation industry. Identify what area you would like to work in. Enter a mentorship program and work alongside a coach to help you eliminate making some of the major mistakes.

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Photo Credits: Tammi ShyVonne Moore