After three years in the making, there is a brand new serum coming to Tatcha’s line.

The brand’s new ‘The Dewy Serum’ launched officially on Tuesday, December 22nd and joins the Mario Dedivanovic-inspired The Dewy Cream, Skin Mist, and Sheet Mask.

The serum was created to give the skin that hydrated-wet look without being wet if that makes sense. It is the brand’s highest concentration of the complex – coming in at a whopping 73% compared to The Dewy Cream which is 13.4%.

The serum is said to be lightweight, non-greasy, and quickly absorbs into the skin. It also acts as a primer for the skin. The coolest part about this serum is that you can even add it to your foundation or concealer to sheer out the coverage.

The Dewy Serum from Tatcha can be purchased on Tatcha’s official website and Sephora for $88.



Featured Image obtained on Tatcha’s official Instagram